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This website works best when viewed with an up to date browser. You should upgrade your web browser if it’s out of date.

Our secure websites (https) will not work with some out of date computer systems and browsers. Please update your browser to ensure you can access all of our websites.

Upgrading to a newer browser will also mean:

  • your computer will be more secure and less likely to be attacked
  • it will be faster to browse the internet
  • you’ll see more features on many websites

How to upgrade

Choose a browser from the list below and follow the instructions for installing it.

For any computer (Windows, Mac)

You can use:

For Apple Macs

You can use Safari.

For Windows 7 and Windows 8

You can use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

You can’t get new versions of Internet Explorer for older versions of Windows, like XP or Vista.

For mobile devices

You can:

  • get help from Apple to update your iOS devices
  • check your settings for system updates for Android devices

Further help

Get Safe Online offers help and advice about upgrading your browser.