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Transport and streets

Our third Local Transport Plan (LTP3) was adopted in 2011. LTP3 sets out our plans for traffic and transport during the period from 2011 to 2026.

Our vision

We want to transform Leicester into Britain's sustainable city that will be a great and prosperous place to live but also somewhere that does not place a burden on the planet in future years.

Our objectives

The transport objectives to focus our transport strategies are to:

  • Reduce congestion and improve journey times
  • Improve connectivity and access
  • Improve safety, security and health
  • Improve air quality and reduce noise
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Manage to better maintain transport assets
  • Improve quality of life.

The focus of LTP3

The focus of the overall LTP3 programme will be on sustainable transport that will help grow the economy while protecting and creating jobs. We also want to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality. We aim to:

  • Keep congestion under control and improving accessibility for all - but particularly for deprived groups - to support a new prosperity;
  • Encourage more people to walk, cycle and public transport - thus reducing carbon emissions;
  • Provide a transport system that facilitates a safer and healthier way of life.

Locally this translates into many more walking and/or cycling journeys in and around the city and more bus use for longer journeys, particularly into the city centre. And because 30 per cent of Leicester's households do not have a car, and with petrol prices likely to continue rising, delivering improved public transport is paramount to Leicester's future.