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Direct debit payments

We are aware of an error with a small number of direct debits, which we are working with our bank to correct. If you have been affected, for more details call 0116 454 1010.

Noise control

Noise from domestic, commercial and industrial sources can be annoying, disturb sleep and cause distress to neighbours.

What action can we take?

If we witness a noise nuisance, action we can take includes:

  • serving informal letters and/or legal notices
  • interviews under caution
  • seizure of noise equipment
  • disabling audible intruder alarms
  • prosecution.

For commercial premises, we can take action if conditions on a premises licence are breached and/or planning conditions are contravened.

Commercial and industrial noise

  • Music from bars, restaurants, clubs
  • Noisy equipment in commercial or industrial premises, for example air conditioning units 
  • Construction and demolition sites.
  • Alarms from commercial premises.

Domestic noise

  • Loud music and musical instruments
  • Parties
  • Outdoor events (for more information, please download our leaflet below).
  • Alarms from domestic premises.
  • Car alarms.

Noise nuisance

Noise can be very distressing. It must be classed as a 'noise nuisance' for us to take action, which means it has to be regularly affecting your quality of life. This can include disturbing sleep or being heard clearly over your television. We have to assess the level of noise before taking action to determine whether it can be classed as a noise nuisance. 

How can I avoid causing noise nuisance?

Almost all noise problems can be avoided if consideration is given to how the noisy activity might affect your neighbours. Our leaflets below provide advice and simple tips on how to avoid causing noise nuisance. If you require any further information, please contact us.

Burglar alarms

If you have an audible intruder alarm fitted to your property, you must ensure it is regularly maintained. If your alarm is sounding continuously for more than 20 minutes and we receive complaints about the noise, we have powers to disconnect it. We have to charge for this service and it could cost you more than £200.