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Licensing service changes

We have made temporary changes to our licensing services due to the coronavirus

Temporary street cafe licence

The government has extended the legislation to allow businesses to apply for a temporary pavement cafe which will be valid until 30 September 2022.

New applicants

Any new applications (where a licence is not currently in force) will be required to submit the following documentation as part of the application:

  • A plan – see information at the bottom of the page for what is acceptable.
  • Pictures of the tables/chairs/barriers and any other furniture intended to be used – please read the standard conditions which state what is acceptable in terms of design etc.
  • Public Liability Insurance to a minimum cover of £5 million.
  • The application fee is £100.
Please use the quick link above to apply.

Once a valid application is received your application will be consulted upon and you will be required to display a public notice which will be emailed to you to complete and put up on your premises for a specified amount of time.

We will also notify any person that may be materially affected if a pavement café were to be granted.

Once the period for objections has ended – if no objections are received your application will be approved and a licence granted.

If objections are received, then these will be considered by the Enforcement Team Manager and a decision taken whether to grant or refuse the application and whether any additional specific conditions may be attached to any issued licence. They may also amend the hours/days that has been applied for if they deem it appropriate to do so.

Have a question?

Please contact for further information.