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Leicester's Care, Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2027

We have identified a number of key priorities across the five overarching themes that we will continue to progress through an even more collaborative approach between health organisations, the local authority, voluntary and community sector organisations and with local communities

Healthy Places

Making Leicester the healthiest possible environment in which to live & work. We will:

  • Improve the built environment to support people’s long-term health and wellbeing

  • Improve access to primary and community health and care services

  • Move towards being a carbon neutral city

  • Create Mental Health & Dementia friendly communities within Leicester.

image of green leafy park

Healthy minds

Promoting positive mental health within Leicester across the life course

We will:

  • Improve access for children and young people to mental health and emotional wellbeing services

  • Improve access to primary and neighbourhood level mental health services for adults

  • Reduce levels of social isolation in older people and adults

  • Work towards having no deaths from suicide in the city.

image of tablet device with the words mental health matters on the screen

Healthy start

Giving Leicester’s children the best start in life.

We will:

  • Give every child the best start in life by focusing on the critical 1001 first days of life

  • Make sure our children are able to play and learn

  • Mitigate against the impacts of poverty on children and young people

  • Empower health self-care in families with young children.

man and woman kissing and holding out a pregnancy scan pic

Healthy lives

Encouraging people to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices.

We will:

  • Take action to reduce levels of unhealthy weight across all ages

  • Increase early detection of heart and lung diseases and cancer in adults

  • Promote independent living for people with long term health conditions

  • Improve support for carers.

man and woman sat on yoga mat looking at each other and smiling

Healthy Ageing

Enabling Leicester’s residents to age comfortably & confidently

We will:

  • Enable Leicester’s residents to age comfortably and confidently through a through a person-centred programme to support self-care, build on strengths and reduce frailty

  • Promote independent living, so that older people can live in their own homes and communities

  • Reduce the number of falls for people aged 65+ in Leicester.

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