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Leicester's Care, Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2027

Theme 5: Healthy Ageing

Ambition: To enable the people of Leicester to age comfortably and confidently

Smiling elderly woman looks out of her window

In modern society ‘age’ can be less about years lived and more to do with subjective health and wellbeing - how we feel inside. With people living longer, supporting people in retirement is even more important. Protecting our residents’ continued health and wellbeing into older age requires them to have a continued sense of purpose. This may be through sharing their expertise, trying something new or giving back to society.

Older residents at risk of poverty and those who are frail may need more practical support with healthcare and housing.

Part of healthy ageing is about dying well. We will work to ensure people have a personalised, comfortable, and supported end of life with personalised support for carers and families.

Healthy ageing is also about equality. As we age, discrimination can increase. Many older people in Leicester also suffer multiple discrimination, for example being both older and a woman, or older and a person from a minority group.

About 40% of people aged over 65 have a limiting long-term health condition and have a higher risk of developing sensory impairments such as loss of vision. There needs to be early diagnosis of, and effective support for, people with dementia.

Older people need appropriate, timely access to the support they need to stay independent for as long as possible.

Supporting older people to manage their wellbeing can involve promoting good lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet, fluid intake exercise, oral health, flu (and other) vaccinations and regular NHS, or other, health checks. Maintaining good mental health in older age is also of key importance, particularly in helping people to cope with social isolation and loneliness.

Key issues affecting older people in Leicester with examples of what we are doing to improve people’s opportunities to experience healthy ageing

Older ladies playing basketball

Lifestyle factors

The onset or progress of some health-related conditions can be influenced by lifestyle factors, with those aged 65+ being less likely to undertake the recommended amount of exercise, and more likely to be overweight or obese, and drink above recommendations.

We are creating ‘dementia friendly’ public spaces throughout the city by working with public, private and voluntary sector age-friendly partners

We are encouraging people to make positive changes that will improve their mental and physical health by working with partners to signpost and refer people to relevant lifestyle services.

Elderly man in wheelchair with young carer

Environmental factors

For some older people living in Leicester it is more difficult to travel independently or access facilities. They are more likely to experience social isolation and loneliness and may find online communication more difficult.

We are encouraging older people to practise self-care and independence and improve their own wellbeing by working with partners to implement a model of support.

Group of women displaying embroidery

Mental health

An increasing number of people aged 65+ feel socially isolated and lonely. However, those aged 65+ generally report a higher state of mental wellbeing than people under 65.

We are working to reduce social isolation and loneliness through a range of programmes and services in the city.