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Leicester's Care, Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2027

Progressing these priorities should mean the following for a resident of Leicester:

  • I can access support and services when I need to, services will work together, and me and my family’s needs will be the at the centre of the support that I receive.

  • I will live in a city with better air quality and a built environment that supports my health and wellbeing.

  • I will have more information of how to look after myself and my family’s health.

  • I will have better and different ways (such as online) ways of accessing primary and community health services.

  • If I have children, I will get information, advice, and support to help them grow and develop.

  • I will get information, advice, and support on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for myself and my family.

  • I will have better understanding of the early signs of heart and lung diseases and cancers through more information, advice and support.

  • If I have a long-term condition or illness, I will be supported to live as independently as possible.

  • If I am an unpaid carer I will get information, advice and support to help me manage this work.

  • If I am older person, I will get information advice and support to age comfortably and confidently as possible.

  • If I live in an area of the city or neighbourhood with poorer health outcomes, I will get targeted information, advice and support to improve my health and wellbeing.