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What we do

We want to support you and offer you every opportunity you need to be the best you can possibly be. We work with other partner organisations to provide the services and support outlined in our offer, including: housing providers, schools, colleges, universities, businesses and voluntary and community organisations.

What is the leaving care team?

The leaving care team works with young people leaving care aged 16 – 25.

In April 2017 the Children and Social Work Act became law and the provision for care leavers has been extended to include young people aged 22 – 25 where support is requested.

The team will work closely with you, your social worker, your carers and other professionals to help ensure that you are ready and able to make a successful move into adulthood.

How can we help?

We will support and advocate on your behalf, this will include carrying out a six monthly pathway review meeting with you and other agencies including Connexions, Health, Housing, Education and other organisations who maybe supporting you.

Social Care and Education Common Purpose Statements

As a department we want:

  • To support people to have a safe place to live and thrive
  • To keep people safe from harm
  • To promote inclusion and a sense of belonging
  • To enable people to be independent/self-sufficient and resilient
  • To enable people to pursue life opportunities
  • To ensure we support people’s rights and listen to their wishes
  • To ensure access to self-improvement
  • To promote good emotional, mental and physical health

National Care Leavers Charter

We also support the National Care Leavers Charter and the Care Leavers Covenant.