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Blimps, balloon and advertising aids policy

Leicester City Council has a zero tolerance/permissions policy for hosting marketing blimps, balloons or advertising aids of this type on their property or land.

This policy includes non-rigid airships, tethered balloons, dirigibles and similar inflatable airborne craft.

Moored balloons, generally used to promote advertising for products or events, are not permitted on city council parks or open spaces.

By nature of blimp design and operation, possible interference with legitimate airborne craft including those of emergency services (such as the Air Ambulance helicopter) would introduce significant safety concerns onto our sites and the wider city community.

The possibility of inadvertent collision with aircraft, compounded by any possible breaking or setting-loose of such a craft from its mooring; catchment into trees or buildings encouraging interested persons to climb and investigate; accidental interaction with overhead electrical or phone cables; issues around maintaining safe exclusion areas at any tethering point; dissuading unwanted attention aimed at letting a craft lose or using it for an adventurous flight represent just a few of the avoidable implications such advertising mediums present.

The exclusion of moored balloons of this type is felt a necessary contribution to assist in maintaining our parks and open spaces as safe places for all.