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Using our parks

When using our parks, it is important that certain rules are followed to ensure they remain safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.

We try to make sure everyone can enjoy our parks and open spaces safely. To do this we have a number of bylaws, policies and guides in place. We encourage people to enjoy our parks as fully as possible, however there are circumstances where without the correct permissions, you may have to abandon your activity or be prevented from continuing if the activity is already underway.

Respect our Rivers

A new film has been created to highlight the issue of litter on our streams and rivers. Litter such as plastic, food and other items cause pollution and damages the wildlife that rely on the rivers and looks awful too.

This pollution costs money to clear and repair.

The film highlights the issue of river pollution and shows the devastating impact it can have. You can watch it below.

You can also watch the film in Gujarati, Hindi or Punjabi.

Scattering ashes

Ashes can be scattered at any of our parks, as well as along a stretch of the River Soar near to the National Space Centre. You must pay a fee and complete a service request form if you would like to scatter ashes in a park.

Outdoor gyms at our parks

We have outdoor gyms in 36 of our parks and open spaces which are free to use and suitable for all fitness levels. We've invested in this equipment to help support everybody to increase their physical activity levels at a local environment. Find out what equipment is available at your local park and see our workout plans to help you get started, using the link below:

Picnics, barbeques and events

We do not require any notification as long as the following applies:

  • Fewer than 50 people are attending, and/or the event is not advertised to the general public (some flexibility on the max figure could be granted).
  • No cooking on site
  • No barbeques allowed on any Leicester City Council parks or green spaces, except for the designated BBQ area at Bede Park.
  • No charity collections/advertising/distribution of printed material.
  • No playing of music, amplified sound, or any form of regulated entertainment as defined in the Licensing Act 2003.
  • No infrastructure including tents, marquees, or inflatables.
  • No vehicles on the park.

Please ensure that all litter is cleared. Note that if any of the above apply, an application will be required.

Looking after geese, ducks and swans

Like people, geese, ducks and swans need a good diet to be healthy.

Follow these simple rules:

Do not

  • overfeed the birds with other food. Birds eat grass and plants they can find for themselves, this is their main diet.
  • feed them bread of any sorts. Birds will eat it but it has no nutrients for them.
  • feed them cooked food. Processed human food and salt is very bad for them.


  • feed small amounts. You are not the only person feeding them.
  • feed bird food, uncooked porridge oats or duck, geese and swan pellets.

Too much food can cause

Angel wing: Feeding large amounts of bread gives them too much protein and too little vitamin E. This can cause one or both wings to turn outwards preventing the bird from flying.

Rats: Are especially fond of leftovers. Too many rats can affect other park wildlife and become unwanted pests.

Lots of bird dung: Dung is slippery and could contain bacteria and diseases.

Too many geese: Large numbers force out other wildlife and native water fowl decreasing the different type of birds to see.

Pollution: Uneaten food and goose dung poisons the water which affects fish and amphibians.

You could be fined: We want our park to be clean, the birds healthy and water unpolluted. Inconsiderate or unsuitable feeding could result in you being issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Dog control orders in public spaces

We aim to promote responsible dog ownership and reduce complaints for dog issues such as dog fouling. This allows the public and especially children access to dog-free or dog-controlled areas, intended for recreational purposes to improve health and well-being, making Leicester a safe and enjoyable place to live. We intend to reduce and tackle issues relating to dogs running loose and causing a nuisance to others, and also to reduce the potential health implications associated with dog faeces.

A Public Spaces Protection Order for dog control was implemented city-wide on 1 December 2016. A fixed penalty notice of £100 is applicable and applies to irresponsible dog ownership. Full details of the dog control orders that apply can be found on our Dog control page.

Drone policy and application form

We have introduced a drone usage policy in response to an upsurge in public request and usage occurrences on council land including parks and public open spaces. See our flying drones and model aircraft page.

Blimps, balloon and advertising aids

We have a zero tolerance/permissions policy for hosting marketing blimps, balloons or advertising aids of this type on our property or land. This policy includes non-rigid airships, tethered balloons, dirigibles and similar inflatable airborne craft. To find out more information, read our Blimps, balloons and advertising aids policy.

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