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Scattering ashes at our parks or on the River Soar

Ashes can be scattered at any of our parks, as well as along a stretch of the River Soar, near to the National Space Centre.

Scattering ashes at our parks

Ashes can be scattered at any of our parks. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to leave memorials or flowers where the ashes are scattered.

In some locations you can purchase a tree or shrub, or have a memorial bench with an inscription plaque, the parks team can advise on these options.

If you wish to scatter ashes in a park, you will need to pay £50 and the persons next of kin will need to complete a request form (attached below).

Scattering ashes on the River Soar

Scattering ashes on the River Soar is free and you do not need to submit a request form. 

A quiet location has been selected that does not affect other users of the river. It is near the National Space Centre at Abbey Meadows and can be found by following the level path alongside the Centre towards the river. A platform will be found over the water. Only ashes themselves should be put in the water. For more information about how to use our waterways responsibly please watch our new film Respect our Rivers (YouTube).

Cars can be parked close by using the pay and display facilities at the National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, LE4 5NS. Please only place natural biodegradable objects in the water.

Advice when scattering ashes

When you are scattering the ashes you should make sure that they are scattered evenly. Please be mindful of other people – particularly those who might be nearby to you – when scattering the ashes, and think about the direction of the wind.

Get in touch

Should you have any queries, please call us on 0116 454 1003.