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Donations and remembrance

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities in parks and also ways for you to commemorate a love one. You can sponsor a bench or even a tree.

Bench sponsorship 

Sponsoring a bench can often be an apt way of commemorating a loved one. It can also be used to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. 

Celebration, remembrance and sponsored trees

Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate an occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or birth. It is also a fitting way to pay tribute to the memory of a loved one. It will benefit local wildlife and is a positive statement that will make a difference to the environment. A dedicated tree can be planted in many of our parks and selected grass verges.

A tree(s) can be planted on land owned and managed by us, such as a park or grassed verge. Requests for trees on grassed verges will be accepted if the location is clear of underground utilities. Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for planting within a hard surface pavement. 

A tree planted within a park or grassed verge will cost £450.

This price includes the purchase of the tree itself, the cost to plant the tree and the required maintenance during the first two years. This also covers the cost of a replacement tree if it dies due to natural causes during the first two years.

All trees will be between 3m – 4.5m Extra Heavy Standards. They will be planted using double stakes.

We do not offer or allow the installation of a plaque to identify the tree due to vandalism and maintenance issues. You will be involved with the choice of location, tree species, planting date/time and can attend on the day of planting. In order to agree a suitable location for the tree we will arrange an appointment to meet you on site at your preferred location to show you the plots that are suitable.

Once the location has been decided, the species of tree can be chosen. If you have a specific tree in mind, we will look to accommodate your choice where we can. Please note some trees are not suitable for certain locations, so will not be available as a choice. Also, stock availability may affect decisions.

Planting will take place between November and March.

Yes, the planting time and date will be agreed with you in advance. Planting can be arranged to take place between 8.30am to 2pm during weekdays.

The tree(s) will be planted by our trees and woodlands team.

The ashes can be scattered at the bottom of the tree pit as the tree is planted. Unfortunately, they cannot be scattered on the surface around the tree.

For reasons of public liability, the tree becomes part of Leicester City Councils tree stock once planted and will be managed alongside all the other trees at that location.

We will always try to find a planting location where trees can grow to maturity.

The tree will only be replaced if it dies of natural causes during the first two years. It will not be replaced by us if it is vandalised or storm damaged.

After the tree has been planted, we will send you the invoice which will outline the methods of payment, this includes Bacs payment.

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