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Donations and remembrance

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities in parks and also ways for you to commemorate a love one.

Bench sponsorship 

Sponsoring a bench can often be an apt way of commemorating a loved one. It can also be used to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. 

Bench sponsorship and application form

Remembrance tree 

Planting a remembrance tree is not only a great tribute to the memory of a loved one, but it also helps local wildlife. A remembrance tree can be planted in many of our parks. Unfortunately, we do not permit plaques due to vandalism and other problems.

Where can I have a remembrance tree planted?

A remembrance tree can be planted in Shady Lane Arboretum or within most of the city’s larger parks. A fruit tree can also be planted in the orchard at Castle Hill Country Park.

How much does a remembrance tree cost?

There are two varieties of remembrance trees available, a park tree and an orchard tree.

A park tree can be planted within the Shady Lane Arboretum or one of the city’s larger parks, and an orchard tree would be planted in the Castle Hill Country Park orchard.

  • Park tree: £492.00 (+VAT)
  • Orchard tree: £347 (+VAT)

This price includes the purchase of the tree itself, the cost to plant the tree and the required maintenance during the first three years. This also covers the cost for a replacement tree if it dies due to natural causes during the first three years.

How can I identify the remembrance tree after it has been planted?

We no longer offer or allow the installation of a memorial plaque to identify the tree. You will be advised of the species, location and planting date/time, and be invited to attend the planting. This will allow you to participate and become familiar with the tree you wish to dedicate, and its location.

Can I have a tree planted at any specific location?

There are specific sites in the park(s) which have been allocated for remembrance tree planting. In order to agree a suitable location for the tree to be planted, we will arrange an appointment to meet you on site at your preferred park to show you the plots that are available.

What species of tree can I choose?

Once the location has been decided, the species of tree can then be chosen from a selected list. The list that is provided will include the species that are most suited to the surrounding environment in which it will be planted. Please note some trees are not suitable for certain locations so will not be available as a choice.

What time of year does the planting usually take place?

Planting can take place between November and March.

Can I be present at the planting?

Yes, the planting time and date will be agreed in advance. Planting can be arranged to take place during 8:30am to 2pm during weekdays. The duration of the planting can take up to 1 hour.

Can I scatter cremated remains (ashes) in the hole or around the tree?

The ashes can be placed in the tree pit as the tree is planted, they cannot be scattered on the surface around the tree. It is not possible to place the urn into the tree pit.

Will the hole be dug prior to our arrival?

Yes, the hole will be dug just before the tree is planted.

Am I able to place any memorials or flowers by the tree?

Flowers or similar memorials are not allowed to be left next to or on the tree, either at the time of planting or subsequently.

What maintenance work will be carried out in the first three years?

Maintenance will include watering, formative pruning, and stake and tie maintenance.

What happens at the end of this maintenance period?

The tree will be included in the general maintenance schedule of the park.

What is the status of the tree following planting?

For reasons of public liability, the tree becomes our (Leicester City Council) property and responsibility once planted.

Will the tree remain a permanent feature of the location?

We will always try to find a planting location where trees can grow to maturity. However unforeseen developments, such as the change in use of a location, can result in the removal of trees. This can include remembrance trees. If this occurs the planting of a replacement will be at the council’s discretion

If the tree dies or is vandalised, will it be replaced?

The tree will only be replaced if it dies of natural causes during the first three years. It will not be replaced if it is vandalised or is storm damaged.

How do I pay for the cost of the tree?

After the tree has been planted, we will send you the invoice which will outline the methods of payment.

Can another loved one have their ashes placed near to the tree in the future?

As it is a public park, ashes cannot be scattered onto the surface of the ground. However, it can be arranged for another person’s ashes to be buried in a small hole near to the tree. This service would need to be arranged with a member of our parks team for which a fee is chargeable, and this would be arranged by the person’s next of kin completing a scattering of ashes service request form, which you can find below:

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