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Litter picking for individuals

Are you interested in arranging a litter pick within your local area, park or green space?

How do I borrow litter picking equipment?

You can borrow litter pickers from us subject to availability and litter bags both free of charge:

  1. Email us your requirements at
  2. We will then respond and get back to you about collection details.

Please note

Independent activities are not covered through Leicester City Council insurance - see things to consider sections below.

Before litter picking

1. Plan the location

If you are planning a litter picking event, it is important to plan the location, and gain landowner’s permission. Many parks and open spaces are managed by us, and you can get in touch by emailing us at

We may advise you of a more suitable location if the park is being used for other activities.

If planning to litter pick on private land, it is essential to obtain landowner’s permission before the event.

2. Essential communication of filled bags and or collected waste

When planning litter picking activities, please let us know where the bags will be left ahead of time using the following contacts:

It is important to let us know, as large amounts of waste left on site, can be mistaken, and reported incorrectly as fly-tipping, and constitute a risk to site users and wildlife, if not dealt with swiftly.

If litter picking alone, please leave your bin bag next to a Leicester City Council bin, and it will be collected when the bin is next emptied.

Please note, that litter collected from private land remains the responsibility of that landowner, to arrange correct disposal. Should litter removed from private land be relocated onto public highways or other landowners property, this constitutes fly-tipping, which is an environmental crime, punishable by law. Without permission from the landowner, it is trespassing.

3. Safety

Anybody planning litter picking activities, should consider a range of safety considerations. Some examples are given below:

  • Has a group leader been identified?
  • Has a site visit been carried out, and hazards been identified and managed?
  • Have you gained permission from the landowner?
  • Have you briefed the participants on suitable clothing, and the plan for the litter pick?
  • Is the equipment safe and in good working order?
  • Are gloves available?
  • Do you know the site and terrain?
  • Are there any sharps or items of concern in the area, including animal faeces?
  • Do all participants know what to do if they find an item of concern, for example, needles, chemicals, or large and bulky items?
  • Have you considered manual handling?
  • Does the activity negatively impact wildlife?
  • Have you checked the weather conditions?
  • Are there any highways nearby?
  • Have you planned how the bags will be collected?
  • Is a first kit, and qualified first aider available?
  • Do you have all the emergency contacts for the participants?
  • Does everyone know to wash their hands before eating?
  • Does everyone have the phone number of the group leader?
  • Will you have children in the group, and is there suitable supervision?

What if we find needles/drugs?

If you find needles or drug items, email the details through to, or report it through Love Clean Streets.

Tell us about your litter picking

We would love to know how you got on litter picking and may even share some of your photos on Facebook, with your permission. Contact us by emailing