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Attendance and truancy

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children attend school.

We are responsible for school attendance and welfare matters, for providing information on home education, and providing guidance on school exclusions.

Each school has an education welfare officer who works to raise and maintain attendance levels. Depending on the arrangement with each school, if children aren't attending school regularly, the officer will meet with the parents to help address the situation.

Please be aware that parents may be fined £60 if their child has unauthorised absence from school. If this is not paid within 21 days the fine doubles to £120. Parents also face prosecution in the Magistrates' Court; a fine of up to £2,500 or a community penalty could be imposed together with a Parenting Order. A criminal record will then exist for the parent. You can download guidance at the bottom of the page.

The local authority has codes of conduct on the use of penalty notices issued in relation to pupil absence and exclusions. You can find these at the bottom of this page. We advise that the code of conduct is read with the enforcement policy.

If you are concerned about your child’s school attendance it is always best to talk to the school first. If you feel unable to do this or would like further help, you can call us on 0116 454 5510 during office hours.

If your child is not in school

  • they may be absent without your knowledge
  • they may be at risk
  • they are missing out on their education
  • they miss more than half a year of their education if they miss two weeks of school every year 
  • you may be fined £60 or prosecuted, fined up to £2,500 and imprisoned
  • you may be given a parenting order by the court requiring your attendance at counselling/guidance sessions.

Pupils with good attendance

  • achieve better
  • feel happier
  • gain confidence
  • find it easier to make and keep friends
  • have better prospects of employment and training.

Contact us

Write to us: Education Welfare, C/O Leicester city Council Post Room, LE1 6RN
Ring us on: 0116 454 5510
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