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Pay a parking fine

Parking fines are designed to encourage motorists to comply with parking regulations. Vehicles parked illegally will receive a parking ticket called a penalty charge notice (PCN).

How much do I pay?

You will be charged £70 for serious offences, and £50 for minor offences.

If you pay your fine within 14 days of it being issued, it will be reduced to half - see the table below:

Parking fine amount Reduced rate if paid within 14 days
£70 £35
£50 £25

You can find an overview of penalty charges that apply when a parking law has been breached in Leicester, using the link below:

How to make a payment

  • Pay online - some fines will not appear on the system until one working day after they have been issued.
  • By calling - 0116 454 1012 (select option 5). 

Not sure of a parking issue?

We have a guide to parking enforcement in Leicester, which is intended for guidance purposes.

The guide covers the following:

  • who can and cannot park in restricted areas and when
  • how challenges, representation and appeals are dealt with
  • how we will treat people fairly, equally and with respect and taking into account personal circumstances
  • how we carry out parking enforcement and other traffic restrictions (for which we are responsible for)
  • our service standards.

You can find the guide towards the bottom of our Parking in Leicester page.

Challenging a parking fine

The keeper of a vehicle may make an informal written challenge against the issuing of a PCN before the first formal stage of the PCN legal process and the Notice to Owner (NTO) has been issued. Informal challenges received will be considered and responded to.

If you believe your PCN should not have been issued, you can challenge a parking fine online, using the link below:

When might an appeal not be accepted?

  • I could not find anywhere else to park.
  • I went to get change for the pay and display machine.
  • I only stopped for a minute.
  • I thought I was parked legally, but made a mistake.
  • I lent the car to a friend.
  • This is too much money to pay.
  • There was no need for a yellow line anyway.
  • I am not the owner or keeper because I hired the vehicle.
  • My appointment or meeting ran late.
  • There were other cars parked on the same site.

What happens next?

If the challenge is rejected, we will respond giving reasons and the amount you still need to pay. 

If you wish to challenge the decision further, a formal representation can be made as part of the PCN legal process by completing the Notice to Owner form which will be sent to you. The Notice to Owner form should be returned to us at the enclosed address on the form. Alternatively, you can scan, photograph or take a screenshot of the Notice to Owner form and email it to us.  

If a challenge or formal representation is accepted, the PCN will be cancelled and we will write to confirm this.

Appeals after a formal representation is rejected

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is an independent national body which considers appeals against parking fines.

If your formal representation is rejected, you will have the opportunity to either make payment or to make an appeal. Information on how to make an appeal will be provided with the rejection of your formal representation.

Once a parking fine is paid, it is deemed that liability has been accepted and the PCN is closed.

Open data

Statistics on Penalty Charge Notices issued annually can be viewed on the open data website.

Red route schemes

A new red route scheme has been introduced along London Road from the Railway Station to the Mayfield Road roundabout. The aim of the scheme is to create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists and to reduce congestion and inconsiderate parking along this busy stretch of road.

Penalty Charge Notices can be issued to vehicles that stop or park on the red route.

Enforcement agents

If your PCN has been passed to one of our agents to collect, you can also make payments to them online: 


We operate a tow-away enforcement scheme to resolve illegal parking and persistent non-payment of fines. If you park illegally in Leicester, your vehicle may be removed and taken to a secure compound where a release fee and daily storage charges are payable. 

For more information call us on 0116 454 6300. Please be advised that the police can also tow away vehicles.

PATROL (Parking and traffic regulations outside London)

PATROL is the joint committee of England and Wales for the civil enforcement of parking and traffic regulations outside London.

Annual parking report (2019)

You can download and view the annual parking report below. An accessible standards version of this report will be available soon.