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Bus lane/bus gate and bus stop clearway (red route) enforcement

We operate a bus lane enforcement scheme to improve public transport reliability, journey times and to encourage sustainable travel.

Please note that if you have hired/bought a vehicle and the registered keeper has previously made a representation online, you will be unable to make another representation online. Alternatively, you may email our office with your representation to and you will receive a formal response to your postal address.

If you wish to make a payment you can pay online or phone our automated payment line on 0116 454 1012. Alternatively email our office with your name, address, contact telephone number and Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) reference number.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Where are bus lane, bus gate and bus stop clearway (red route) enforcements located?

Below we have listed all the bus lanes, bus gates and bus stop clearways that are enforced within Leicester city (24 hours a day, seven days a week):

  • Lutterworth Road- Middleton Street (bus lane)
  • A426 Lutterworth Road (Soar Valley Way and Marsden Lane) (bus lane)
  • Humberstone Road (Forest Road) (bus lane)
  • Duns Lane inbound and outbound  (bus gate)
  • Abbey Street (bus gate)
  • Narborough Road (Fullhurst Avenue)  (bus lane)
  • London Road bus stop clearway (red route)
  • London Road (bus lane) – hackney carriages are not permitted
  • Charles Street southbound and northbound  (bus gate)
  • Causeway Lane  (bus gate)
  • Rutland Street  (bus gate)
  • Horsefair Street  (bus gate)
  • Thurcaston Road (bus gate)
  • A50 Groby Road inbound bus lane

A map for the above locations can be requested by email

Bus lane fines

Vehicles using bus lanes to gain advantage over queuing traffic, or ignoring bus gates to enter restricted areas as shortcuts, are breaking the law and cause disruption. Only pedal cycles, buses and licensed hackney carriages are allowed to use bus lanes. 

How much is the fine?

If you receive a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), you will have the opportunity to make a representation within 28 days or make a payment. The fine for driving in a bus lane is £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days of the PCN being issued. This is clearly explained on your PCN and is only applicable to a bus lane/bus gate fine.

Money received from fines is spent on highway improvements and public transport.

How can I avoid a fine?

Bus lane signs and markings will clearly indicate both the start and end of bus lanes and highlight the hours of operation. If no hours of operation are displayed on a bus lane, then the bus lane is 24hrs.

What if I've lost my PCN?

If you have misplaced your PCN and wish to make a representation or payment, please get in touch by sending us an email with your vehicle registration. We will then be able to provide you with your Penalty Charge Notice details.

Bus stop clearway enforcement - London Road red route

Any unauthorised vehicle that makes use of a bus lane, bus gate or clearway during the time of operation could be subject to clearway camera enforcement fines. 

When signed the only exemptions are:

  • Buses
  • Emergency service vehicles (must be responding to an emergency).

How much are the fines for bus stop clearway?

For a CCTV contravention the fine is £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days of the date of service. The registered owner/hirer of the vehicle will receive a PCN by first class post from Leicester City Council.

Take immediate action to either pay the penalty charge or make a representation. If you do not take action by 28 days of the date of service of the PCN, the fine may increase to £105 and we may take steps to enforce payment of this sum.

What is an alleged contravention?

We will issue PCNs where alleged contraventions are detected by CCTV in the following circumstances:

  • Where vehicles are observed stationary in a parking 'hotspot' (where it is known that vehicles stop, in contravention of the road signs and markings and only drive away when a CEO appears), or an area where CEOs encounter regular physical or verbal abuse whilst carrying out their duties. 
  • Where vehicles are observed stationary in the controlled area of a pedestrian crossing. 
  • Where vehicles are observed stationary in a zig-zag area outside a school entrance where vehicles must not stop.
  • Where vehicles are observed to be stationary in a clearway, a bus stop clearway or taxi clearway.

How can I avoid a fine?

  • Pay attention to the road signs and markings.
  • Parking and waiting/loading restrictions are clearly signed.
  • Clearways will be clearly marked with the relevant regulatory signs placed at the beginning of the restriction.
  • You should not pay attention to the advice given by sat-navs and should comply with all traffic signs. Any appeal referring to a sat-nav as the reason for contravening the restrictions will not be accepted.


Any documents relating to bus lane or clearway enforcement, including alternative routes, are available from us on request via email.

Processing of PCNs and clearway fines

Please note: Leicester City Council works in partnership with Nottingham City Council. Nottingham City Council is authorised to process all PCNs and clearway fines and are also responsible for processing all postal/web representations on behalf of Leicester City Council.


The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is a national body which considers appeals against parking fines and bus lane fines.

Parking and traffic regulations outside London (PATROL)

PATROL is the joint committee of England and Wales for the civil enforcement of parking and traffic regulations outside London. 


For recent statistics for bus lane/bus gate and bus stop clearway, please go to the Open Data website.