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Sheltered housing

We manage 14 sheltered housing schemes across the city, enabling people to live as independently as possible in a safe community setting.

Sheltered housing accommodation is available to council tenants, non-council tenants and housing association tenants.

All homes are fitted with a 24-7 emergency alarm system. Sheltered housing officers who work across all the units can offer a needs assessment and can offer a daily check facility if necessary.

Who can apply for sheltered housing?

To apply for sheltered housing you must be aged 50 or over, but preference is normally given to people aged 60 and over. Properties are offered in the same way as all other council properties - using the HomeChoice scheme. Before you apply please see the section below:

How do I apply?

You can apply online through My Account.

Where are the homes?

The 14 schemes are:

  • Barnett Janner House, 25 Thornholme Close, LE4 0UR
  • Bob Trewick House, De Montfort Square, LE1 7ER
  • Bowder House, 18 Herle Avenue, LE3 1RQ
  • Bridges House (area office), 100 Blackmore Drive, LE3 1LP
  • Cromwell House (area office), 24 Oliver Street, LE2 7PD
  • Dudley House, 1 Dudley Close, LE5 2FG
  • Frederick Jackson House, 86 Noble Street, LE3 5RW
  • Gumbrill House, 1 Davison Close, LE5 4EQ
  • Helena Roberts House (area office), 18 Kingfisher Avenue, LE5 3FS
  • Irene Pollard House, 12 Belholme Close, LE4 7QR
  • John Minto House, 26 Orchardson Avenue, LE4 6DP
  • Norfolk House, 99 Norfolk Street, LE3 5QJ
  • Oronsay House, 1 Oronsay Road, LE4 0RT
  • Rupert House, 3 Featherstone Drive, LE2 9RB.

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