Apply for housing

The housing register is currently closed due to coronavirus, but we are in the process of gradually reopening the housing register and the Leicester HomeChoice website.

Further information

Below are the key dates of reopening our services:

  • From 22 June - existing applicants will be allowed to make changes to their applications. This includes telling us about changes of address, circumstances, or household members by using the 'Update your housing application' button below.
  • From 6 July - existing applicants will be able to get in touch with us  to get information and submit queries about their housing application through our online enquiry form
  • From 20 July - new applications can be made to the housing register
  • On 22 July - Leicester HomeChoice website (choice based lettings) will be back online to allow applicants to bid on advertised properties again. You may not see many properties being advertised at first, but this will increase week on week as things gradually return back to normal.

We will update this page if any of these dates change.

At risk of losing your home or at risk of harm in your current home?

If you have an urgent need to contact us because you are at risk of losing your home or are at risk of harm in your current home/circumstances, then please call us on 0116 454 1008.