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Affordable housing

We have an ambitious target to achieve 1,500 new council, social and extra care/supported living homes by 2023, to help meet the city’s evidenced need for more affordable housing.

There is a shortage of all types of affordable housing in the city but, based on current data, the greatest need is for more family homes with two or three bedrooms.

Our main areas of work are:

  • Buying back former council-owned homes to enable their use as council housing again;
  • Securing new affordable homes on council-owned sites via new council house building and/or new developments by registered social landlords;
  • Seeking a percentage of affordable housing within all new proposals for large residential developments;
  • Negotiating with developers to ensure affordable housing is of the type and size needed, to include wheelchair-accessible homes;
  • Helping to manage the redevelopment of council housing stock and land as required.

Should you wish to contact us to discuss anything to do with affordable housing and or are interested in our buy back of former council-owned homes, please use the following contact details below to get in touch with us.

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