Affordable housing

We are encouraging the development of affordable homes for people who can’t meet their housing need from the private housing market.

Further information

A review of affordable housing needs has concluded that more homes are required for social rent, along with some intermediate housing.

As a result, we are seeking expressions of interest in opportunities for providing new affordable housing in the city for the period 2014-2018.

There is a shortage of all types of affordable housing in the city but, based on current data, the greatest need is for more homes with two bedrooms.

Our main areas of work are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Securing new affordable homes on council-owned sites via new council house building and/or new developments by registered social landlords
  • Including a percentage of affordable housing in all new proposals for large residential developments
  • Negotiating with developers to ensure affordable housing is of the type and size needed to include wheelchair-accessible homes
  • Helping to manage the redevelopment of council housing stock and land as required.

Supported housing and extra care

There will not be any contributions available for supported or extra care housing schemes, due to the change in the way we offer our adult social care services.

If you are interested in providing housing for this sector, you can download our independent living and extra care strategy below.

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