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The Lord Mayor

Cllr Barton (Lord Mayor 2023)

The Lord Mayor is Leicester’s first citizen and is elected each year at Annual Council. The Lord Mayor for 2023-2024 is Councillor Dr Susan Barton.


Cllr Dr Susan Barton, who has served as a city councillor since 2011, currently represents the Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields ward, having previously represented neighbouring Western Park.

Leicester born and bred, she attended Hazel Primary School before going to Newarke Girls School, on the site of what is now Fullhurst Community College.

Following a difficult childhood, which included a whole term spent in Switzerland at 11 in a open air school (a place to recuperate and rest from long-term illness), she left school at 15, but went on to educate herself by reading books during her breaks at a printing factory where she worked making labels for Dairylea cheese.

Cllr Barton went on to gain A levels, a degree in history, a masters degree in computing, a PhD in social history and became a lecturer at Charles Keene College and Hinckley College, as well as writing and publishing 10 books ranging from local heritage to the history of working-class tourism and travel.

She is currently an honorary visiting research fellow at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, and her main research interest is now the history of winter sport.

Cllr Barton’s hobbies include dancing and local heritage.

Her two grown-up children will accompany her in the role – her daughter, research scientist Dr Marie Weston, will take on the role of Lady Mayoress, while her son, videogame producer Max Barton, will be Consort.

Role of the Lord Mayor

The role of the Lord Mayor is primarily a ceremonial one, maintaining and promoting the interests of the city and its citizens, and attending a variety of engagements during the year.

The Lord Mayor is an elected city councillor. Throughout their civic year of office, they must remain impartial and are unable to be involved in any political or contentious events/issues. In this respect, the Lord Mayor’s role differs from that of the Elected City Mayor, which is a political role and is responsible for the executive decision making of the council. 

The Lord Mayor attends and hosts many events within the city, a number of which are held every year, including the Remembrance Service and Parade, the Armed Forces Service and Parade, the Damask Rose Ceremony, Civic Service and Annual Council.

Inviting the Lord Mayor to an event

If you wish to invite the Lord Mayor to attend your event, you should complete and submit the online form below at least four weeks before your event. For guidance or any other queries, please use the email at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Deputy Lord Mayor and High Bailiff

Outgoing Lord Mayor, Cllr George Cole, will serve as Deputy Lord Mayor, with Cllr Manjula Sood taking on the role of High Bailiff.

Roll of Mayors

Should you require information on former civic office holders, you can request this by sending us an email on the address below.


Send an email to the Lord Mayor's office: