London Road improvement works

As part of the wider Connecting Leicester programme, works are underway works to create a safer and more attractive route for cyclists and pedestrians on London Road.

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By reallocating a small amount of road space, we will be able to introduce dedicated off-road cycle lanes, better bus stops, improved road crossings and wide, high quality pavements. This will help create a much safer and more appealing route for cyclists and pedestrians without compromising this busy route for other road users. It also allows us to introduce some ambitious improvements around the important public transport interchange at the railway station. Work will be carried out in phases to help minimise disruption to local businesses, traffic and other road users. 

A new cycle lane will be installed to replace the outbound bus lane between Conduit Street and Evington Road. A raised kerb alongside the main road will also feature to offer more protection to cyclists and help prevent illegal parking on the cycle lane. This will also see the construction of 'Dutch-style' bus stop bays similar to those constructed on Welford Road. These will channel cyclists behind the shelters, helping to improve safety for all road users.

Works will also include new cycle lanes and improved pavements continuing in front of the railway station, where a new bus-only lane will also be created, which will be camera enforced. Side roads will be raised to pavement level at their junctions with London Road, helping to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic signals schemes at major junctions will also be revamped to give cyclists a head-start and reduce conflict with traffic turning left. 

We have worked closely with input from local bus companies and user groups, city cycling groups and the family of cyclist Sam Boulton, who was tragically killed in an accident outside the railway station. We also asked for expert guidance from Brian Deegan, one of the main authors of Transport for London's cycling design standards. 

Works to revamp the route between Granby Street and Mayfield Road roundabouts are also part of the £3.9million scheme. I am hoping these improvements will make it more attractive to residents, visitors, businesses, investors and developers.

Next phase of works

From Monday 7 January 2019, the next phase of works will begin at the junction with Evington Road, Granville Road and the central reservation in front of the railway station. At Granville Road, will be carried to begin construction of the new cycle lane and improve pedestrian crossings at the busy junction.

During these works, there will be no left turn from Granville Road onto London Road. Instead, traffic will be diverted via the Mayfield Road roundabout. Some off-peak lane restrictions will be required. It is expected that works will last  around four weeks. Pedestrian crossings will be maintained throughout the works. 

Construction of a new bus-only lane in front of the railway station will also get underway. Work will involve remodelling the large central reservation, which will be reduced to make space for the new camera-enforced bus lane and protected cycle path in front of the station. The existing bus stop and right-hand turn on the central reservation will be permanently removed. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the works area. 

Bus services into the city centre will use the existing bus stop located between Regent Street and Nelson Street. The existing bus stop close to the junction with Waterloo Way will be extended and improved. 

During the works, off-peak lane restrictions will be in place for two to three months. 


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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