Councillors' allowances

Elected councillors' are paid an annual allowance in exchange for the time and expenses they incur on council business.

Further information

The allowances are paid in accordance with the relevant Members' allowance scheme for that year.

Independent remuneration panel

The law requires that all councils periodically appoint an independent remuneration panel (IRP) to consider the allowances paid to their elected members. The most recent IRP panel was considered and accepted by the council at its meeting on 17 March 2016. One of the accepted recommendations was that councillors' allowances be indexed to that as agreed each year by the National Joint Council for Local Government staff until the end of the municipal year 2019/2020.

The basic allowance is currently £10,556 a year, plus £1,205 to cover travel and subsistence within the city of Leicester. Some councillors' are paid a greater allowance if they have special responsibilities, such as the City Mayor, and members of council committees.

Details of councillors' allowance scheme, the IRP report and councillors' allowances over recent financial years are attached below.