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Members allowance scheme

Council, at its meeting on 29 April 2021, agreed a members’ allowances scheme, applicable for the 2021-2022 municipal year and agreed a scheme of indexation through to the end of the municipal year 2023-2024. The scheme below operates from 1 April 2023.

Members should be aware that allowances payable in return for acting as an Member are regarded as the same as salary or wages for the purposes of Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC), i.e income tax and NIC will usually be deductible from such allowances.

(all amounts stated are gross)

(a) Basic allowance

£11,473 per annum for each Member.

(b) Special responsibility allowances

Members will only be able to receive 1 SRA (including Civic Allowances).

Role Allowance
City Mayor 


Deputy City Mayor £45,212*

Assistant City Mayors (eight). *The City Mayor may choose to vary from the specified SRAs for the Deputy and Assistant City Mayors provided any variance does not result in the combined total allowances for these roles exceeding the total allocated budget for Executive SRAs


Chair, Overview Select Committee £10,666
Vice Chair, Overview Select Committee £2,666
Chair, Children Young People and Schools  Scrutiny Commission   £8,889
Vice Chair, Children Young People and Schools Scrutiny Commission   £2,184
Chair, Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Commission £8,889
Vice-Chair, Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Commission £2,222
Chair, Neighbourhood Services and Community Involvement Scrutiny Commission £8,889

Vice Chair, Neighbourhood Services and Community

Involvement Scrutiny Commission

Chair, Heritage, Culture, Leisure and Sport Scrutiny Commission

Vice Chair, Heritage, Culture, Leisure and Sport Scrutiny Commission £2,222 
Chair, Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission £8,889
Vice Chair, Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission £2,222 
Chair, Economic Development, Transport and Tourism Scrutiny Commission £8,889
Vice Chair, Economic Development, Transport  and Tourism Scrutiny Commission £2,222
Chair, Housing Scrutiny Commission £8,889
Vice Chair, Housing Scrutiny Commission £2,222 
Chair, Planning and Development Control £10,666
Vice Chair, Planning and Development Control £2,666
Chair, Licensing & Public Safety Committee  £10,666
Vice Chairs, Licensing & Public Safety Committee (two) £2,666
Chair, Audit & Risk Committee £6,518
Chair, Standards Committee £3,171
Minority Group Leader   £1,206 per annum plus an additional £302 per Member.
Majority Group Whip £8,889


Civic allowances

Role Allowances
Lord Mayor £18,370*
Deputy Lord Mayor £5,629
High Bailiff £1,970

*£12,441 of the Lord Mayor’s allowance will be provided via allowances, the other £5,929 will be administered by the Democratic and Members Support Manager. 

(d) ‘Independent Persons’ ‘Independent Members’ and  Co-optees

The Council is required to appoint ‘Independent Persons’ and ‘Independent Members’ to support the Standards process.  There is also a statutory requirement for co-optees to input into the Council’s activities from an education perspective.  These positions will receive an allowance as follows:

Role Allowances
‘Independent Persons’, Standards Committee £2,284 plus travel expenses
‘Independent Members’, Standards Committee £564
Co-opted Members of Committees / Commissions £564

Note: The rate for Independent Persons and Independent Members are not considered by the Independent Remuneration Panel as they come under separate legislation but are included here for completeness.

(e) Travel and subsistence – inside the city

£83.33 per month (£1,000 per annum) is payable to each Member. This is intended to cover all travel (including taxis) and subsistence costs for all activities within the City boundary.

(f) Telecommunications and support allowance

Paid to all Members at £27.75 per month (£333 per annum) as a contribution to council related costs for use of:

  • telecommunications at a Member’s home including any private mobile phone costs and;
  • miscellaneous items which the Member feels necessary to support their role as an Member.

Travel and Subsistence - Outside the City

Outside the City of Leicester Members are entitled to claim travel and subsistence in accordance with the details attached at Schedule 1 whilst undertaking Approved Council Duties.

Dependant Carers’ Allowance

Allowances can be claimed towards childcare or dependent care costs incurred by a

Member on the basis set out in Article 7 of the Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 up to a limit of 20 hours per Member per week subject to the provisions attached at Schedule 2.

Members will be offered standard specification equipment as defined in the list prepared by the City Information Officer and the Director of Delivery, Communications and Political Governance.

In the event of a Member suspension/partial suspension, the Member’s allowances will be withheld in full or in part in accordance with the duration of the suspension.

  • All automatically paid allowances (as outlined in the first section) will be paid in twelve equal monthly instalments via the Payroll system.
  • Entitlement will commence from the fourth day after the date of the election or the date of making the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, whichever is later. Where not returned entitlement for the former Member will cease on the fourth day after the election.
  • Entitlement to allowances will be calculated on a pro rata basis avoiding any overlap of the same allowance.  
  • Payment of travel and subsistence for expenditure outside the City will be made in arrears on the basis of a claim form being submitted and signed by Members within three months of the event claimed for taking place.
  • Payment of Dependent Carer’s Allowances will be made in arrears on the basis of a claim form being submitted and signed by Members within three months of the event claimed for taking place.
  • Allowance claims over three months old will only be paid in exceptional circumstances such as long-term illness. Such payments will be made in consultation with the relevant Group Whip (if a member of a constituted Group).
  • Where any overpayments occur the Member will be notified and the amount will be recovered from the next monthly payment (unless instalments are requested by the Member for accounts over £50).
  • A Member may decide not to claim any element of automatic allowances (in full or in part) and must notify the Director of Delivery, Communications and Political Governance in writing of their intention.

Approved Duties include:-

  • Attendance at meetings of Outside Bodies as approved by the

Executive/Council or the Group Whips.

  • Training courses, conferences and seminars in the furtherance of the Member’s performance of their duties as a Member.
  • Other activities which, in the view of the Director of Delivery, Communications and Political Governance are in the interests of the Council.
  • For all claims for travel expenses, tickets, receipts or equivalent travel documents must be provided. The claim must include the reason for the journey.


Public Transport

Transport type Allowances
Public transport Paid at the amount of an ordinary fare or any available cheap fares (tickets/receipts required).
Taxi Where no public transport is reasonably available, the amount of the fare plus any reasonable gratuity paid (receipt required). In other cases the amount of the fare for travel by appropriate transport will be paid. Taxis should only be used in exceptional circumstances. Significant taxi expenditure should be approved in advance by the Group Whip.
Travel by Air Payable provided that the Director of Delivery, Communications and Political Governance agrees that the time saved justifies the fare.  The rate of payment will not exceed the ordinary or any cheap fare available, or where no such service is available or in case of an emergency, the fare actually paid by the Member.  This must be receipted to be tax-free.

Private transport

Rates payable at the level of the Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) laid down by the Inland Revenue as a tax free “approved amount” and shall be amended in line with any changes made to these amounts as and when they occur.

Transport type Allowances
Car or Van* 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles, 25p per mile thereafter
Motor Cycle* 24p per mile (all miles)
Pedal Cycle 20p per mile (all miles)
Hired Motor Vehicle (car/light van) The same rates as if the vehicle were privately owned

(where approved by     the Director of  Delivery, Communications and Political Governance the rate may be increased to an amount not exceeding the cost of hiring)

If the Council hires the vehicle the tax free rates are limited to the fuel element as detailed in HMRC guidance.  

An additional 5p per mile will be paid when one or more passengers travel to an approved duty in the same car. The cost of parking fees (including overnight garaging), tolls and ferries can also be claimed.

*A valid VAT receipt for fuel is required for any car/van or motorcycle mileage claims.

Subsistence Allowance (outside of Leicester)

  • The allowance will not apply to a meal which is already provided at no charge or included in a conference/course fee.
  • Receipts must be provided (where available a VAT receipt) for audit and reclaim purposes as a condition of the allowance.
  • The actual money spent on the meal can be reclaimed up to a maximum allowance (see table below) on production of a receipt.

Meal Qualifying duty period (inclusive of travelling time) Rate
Breakfast 3 hours before 11.00 am £8
Lunch 2 hours between 12 noon and
2.00 pm

3 hours including 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Dinner 3 hours ending after 7.00 pm £18.72

Tea and dinner allowances will not be paid in respect of the same evening’s duties.  No claims should be made for alcohol.

Overnight accommodation and out of pocket expenses

The following rates will apply for overnight absence (room only). 

  • Provincial rate – not to exceed £86
  • London rate – not to exceed £146

Accommodation should be booked through Member and Civic Support Team.

Out of pocket expenses - maximum amount per night £4.81, maximum amount per week £19.15.

This amount is intended to cover out of pocket expenses whilst representing the Council.

These are only tax free when the Member is required to stay away overnight on Council business.

  • Allowances for childcare and dependent care are paid as a contribution to costs, rather than a full reimbursement;
  • Allowances paid towards childcare or dependent care costs incurred by a elected Member are subject to Income Tax and NIC even if the costs are unavoidably incurred as a result of carrying out Council duties. The only exception is the £55 per week voucher scheme outlined below;
  • The maximum hourly rate reimbursed for the independent care of a child under the age of 14 shall be equal to the minimum wage applicable to the age of the carer;
  • The maximum hourly rate reimbursed for the professional care of a dependant relative shall be equal to the Council’s own hourly rate for a Home Care Assistant;
  • Members must certify that the costs have been actually and necessarily incurred and the allowance shall be paid as a reimbursement of incurred expenditure against receipts;
  • The allowance shall not be payable to a member of the claimant’s own household, and
  • Any dispute regarding entitlement or any allegation of abuse should be referred to the Council’s Standards Committee for adjudication.

Members using registered childcare provision may, if they so choose, receive tax free, up to £55 per week of their contribution to childcare by way of vouchers, which will be reimbursed by the Council direct to the childcare provider.