Belgrave ward by-election

A by-election was called on Thursday 6 December 2018 in Belgrave ward, Leicester following the recent death of Councillor Mansukhlal Chohan.

Further information

Candidate Party Votes
Padmini CHAMUND   Labour Party  5477
Khandubhai Vanmalibhai PATEL  The Conservative Party Candidate  412
Hasmukh Keshavji CHANDARANA  Liberal Democrats  238
Ursula Elisabeth BILSON   The Green Party  199

 Turn out was 43.76%. 38 ballot papers were rejected. 

Candidates information, election agents, notice of election and poll

Details of the candidates for the by-election; their election agents; the notice of election, notice of vacancy and poll can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Previous election results

You can view the results from Belgrave ward from the last our city council elections in May 2015.