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Cyber incident FAQs

Find answers to your questions about the cyber incident currently affecting Leicester City Council. Last update: Wednesday 17 April 2024.

What has happened and what has the council done to manage the incident? 

The council was the subject of a cyber incident on 7 March 2024. As soon as we identified it we such our systems down as a precaution.

We are now operational once more but the ransomware group responsible have published approximately 1.3 terabytes of data online, this follows their earlier release of around 25 documents.

We are reviewing the data that has been released and are contacting those people at high risk.

We appreciate that you may have concerns about this and we have created the following FAQs.

What kind of information has been stolen?
We are reviewing the data that has now been published; the first data release consisted of documents including rent statements, applications to purchase council housing and documents related to this such as passport details.

Due to the amount of data that has now been published we cannot contact everybody who is affected. We are reviewing the data and will be prioritising the people at highest risk.

Does this mean I am at risk of cyber attack?
It is possible that stolen information could be used in an attack. Everyone should be cautious regarding their own online activity. For more advice on how to stay safe online, see

What can I do to protect myself.

Information about what to do if you think you have been a victim of identify fraud is on the government’s website here: What to do if your identity has been stolen - Stop! Think Fraud

Advice on actions to take following a data breach is on the National Cyber Security Centre's website.

Information about how to protect yourself against identity fraud can be found on the Experian website

When will you know more?
The criminal investigation by Leicestershire Police, supported by other agencies, into this attack is still on going – there is a limited amount of information we can share without jeopardising this work. When we are able to release more information about the attack, we will do so here and on our latest news webpage.

I have a question that’s not on this list. Who can I talk to?
Please check back to this page frequently for updates. Because this situation is still developing, and it is also an ongoing criminal investigation, we may not be able to answer all your questions, and we apologise for that.

We are not able to take individual enquiries.

I’m getting spam calls and texts. Is it because my data was affected?
You can check the Have I been Pwned website to see what data has been compromised in other data breaches.

You can report any spam calls and texts to the Information Commissioner’s Office using the details on their website.
You can also register your phone numbers with the telephone preference service (TPS) on their website.

Can I put a freedom of information request in to find out what has happened?
Most requests for information relating to the cyber incident will be not be released at this time as there is a criminal investigation going on. The information is currently exempt from release under section 31(1) – Law Enforcement.

Releasing any information relating to the investigation at this time could prejudice law enforcement’s ability to prevent and detect crime and/or apprehend offenders. It is not in the public interest to raise the risk of prejudicing any capture of offenders or future trial.

If my data has been affected, can I claim compensation?
You can only claim compensation if you can evidence financial damage or serious distress has been caused due to an actual data breach.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has more information on their website.

We would advise anyone approached by firms offering class action claims at a cost to be careful. These claims are rarely successful.

Is it safe to send and receive emails from the council?
It is safe to send and receive emails to or from a email address, and to open attachments that we send. 

Is it safe to use the Leicester City Council website?
Yes, our website is unaffected.

What will happen to my direct debits and standing orders?
If we have been unable to collect your direct debits due to systems issues, we will write to you to arrange collection according to the direct debit guarantee, notifying you of the new date. 

Standing orders are not affected. 

Can I pay my fixed penalty notices?
Yes, you can still pay any fixed penalty notices.
Details on how to make payments to the council can be found on our website.

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