Our homelessness strategy

Leicester’s Homelessness Strategy has helped prevent people from becoming homeless thanks to support provided by the council and voluntary sector services.

Further information

We’ve implemented initiatives such as giving housing applicants more choice and flexibility, and helping people access private rented sector accommodation.

The homelessness strategy can be downloaded in full at the bottom of the page. It is based on six principles:

  • Anyone at risk of homelessness is given advice and support to prevent this, whenever possible
  • When someone is homeless today, we aspire to assist them into appropriate accommodation, with support, and we will ensure that services are tailored to address their individual needs
  • We will implement ‘No Second Night Out’ to ensure that new rough sleepers will not sleep out for more than one night
  • Anyone who is homeless will be able to ‘move-on’ into appropriate accommodation
  • Anyone who is homeless will be able to access appropriate care services to meet their health and well-being needs
  • There are opportunities to access training, education, employment and enterprise initiatives.


New arrangements were set out in July 2013 to tackle homelessness. The Leicester Homelessness Partnership was set up to implement the strategy, and the Homelessness Reference Group was set up to provide a forum for all stakeholders involved in tackling homelessness in the city.