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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a used by NHS England to agree changes to the commissioning of local pharmaceutical services.

The purpose of the PNA is to make an assessment of the following:

  • the demography of its area
  • current and future needs for pharmaceutical services in relation to:
    • the different needs of different localities within the area
    • whether there is sufficient choice to obtaining pharmaceutical services within its area
    • the effect of pharmaceutical services provided in the area of any neighbouring areas
    • any other NHS services provided in or outside its area which affect pharmaceutical services
    • whether further provision of pharmaceutical services in its area would secure improvements, or better access to pharmaceutical services

Pharmacies in Leicester

A full list of pharmacies and opening times is available as an appendix. Please note that this is updated regularly following notification by NHS England of changes.

Previous PNAs