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Smoke control area

Leicester was designated as a smoke control area back in 1975. To make residents and businesses aware of this, we will be issuing a single Smoke Control Order on 1 June 2018.

What does this mean?

As a result of this, residents and businesses are only allowed to burn authorised fuels. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you break the rules.

If you:

  • currently burn solid fuel in an open fireplace you must cease to do so or ensure that you are only burning an authorised smokeless fuel.
  • own a wood-burning appliance and are unsure whether it has an exemption for use in a smoke control area you should check the make and model. 

What about smoke from garden bonfires?

You are allowed garden bonfires in smoke control areas, but you need to follow certain rules. Find out more on garden bonfire rules at GOV.UK.

However, if smoke from a garden bonfire causes nuisance and disturbance to nearby residents, it can be reported to us. You can report a pollution problem on My Account.

Burning trade waste

Businesses or contractors are not allowed to burn trade waste, and must be disposed in accordance with waste management law. Businesses can dispose their waste at Gypsum Close Trade Recycling Centre.

How do we manage air quality?

We monitor air quality at a number of locations across Leicester through a network of five air quality stations. You can find out more on our air quality page.

Want to know more?

For more details on the smoke control area redeclaration in Leicester and history of the Clean Air Act, please see the document below.