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Waste permit terms and conditions

Waste permit terms and conditions for vans, pickups, or a car towing a trailer longer than 1.4m.

1. Issuing of permits

1.1. A waste permit is required to use Leicester City Council Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in vans, pickups, or a car towing a trailer longer than 1.4m.

1.2. All vehicles using the HWRCs must be under 3.5 tonnes gross weight.

1.3. The permit holder must be the domestic user at the property where the waste is generated.

1.4. Only one waste permit can be held by an individual at any time.

1.5. Only one waste permit can be held by a household at any time.

1.6. If the permit holder does not live at the address they are bringing waste from (for example, they have not yet moved in to the property), then they must submit a utility bill, deeds, or tenancy agreement from the waste generating property showing their name and the new address.

1.7. Waste permits are:

1.7.1. Not transferable and can only be used by the named permit holder.

1.7.2. Only valid for the period stated.

1.7.3. Only valid for the vehicle stated.

1.7.4. Only valid at the Gypsum Close HWRC.

1.7.5. Only valid for household waste from the permit holder’s own home.

1.7.6. Only valid for Leicester City Council residents.

1.8. A waste permit must be issued before using the site in one of the above vehicles. You will not be allowed to tip without a valid permit.

1.9. All waste permits must be applied for online at However, if a resident has no way to access the internet, they can call 0116 454 1002 for assistance.

1.10. In many cases a waste permit can be instantly issued by email on application. Some permit applications may require further information. In this instance, the permit team will contact the applicant within two working days of them applying.

1.11. All waste permits are issued and managed by Leicester City Council, who reserves the right to cancel your permit or amend the Waste Permit terms and conditions of issue at any time.

1.12. A full waste permit allows 12 trips and is valid for 12 months from the issue date. Once 12 tips have been made the permit will no longer be valid and cannot be used until a renewal has been issued and become active.

1.13. Permit renewals can be applied for 14 days before a valid permit expires. Renewed permits will become active the day after the previous permit expires.

1.14. If a permit is being applied for where the permit holder does not have full-time personal use of the vehicle, or to clear waste from the property of a deceased or housebound relative or friend, then a temporary permit will be issued, allowing three trips for one month from the issue date.

1.15. No more than four temporary permits will be issued to any individual or household in a 12-month period.

1.16. If more than one temporary permit is issued to a permit holder at the same property in a 12-month period, the limited DIY materials will be carried over onto any new permit. For example, if a resident has already disposed of six bags of rubble on a temporary permit, they will not be allowed to tip any further rubble on another permit for 12 months.

1.17. If a waste permit is denied, applicants may appeal by contacting

1.18. The data you provide in the application form for a waste permit will be processed in accordance with Data Protection legislation. For more details, please see Leicester City Council’s privacy policy, at

1.19. Submitting false information in order to obtain a permit may constitute offences under the Fraud Act 2006.

2. Permit use

2.1. Possession of a waste permit does not give any right of entry or guaranteed permission to tip. Permit holders must comply with any HWRC on site instructions and conditions of use which may be notified to you by the staff operating the site at the time of your visit.

2.2. Waste permits can only be used at Gypsum Close HWRC.

2.3. Asbestos and chemicals cannot be disposed of at Gypsum Close in any vehicle. Go to to find out how to safely dispose of asbestos and chemicals at Freemen’s Common HWRC. A permit is not required for disposal of these materials.

2.4. To use a waste permit, the permit holder MUST present valid photo ID and proof of address (a bill or official document dated within the past 12 months). UK driving licenses cover both requirements. Waste permits are only valid when valid ID is presented.

2.5. If the driver is not the waste permit holder, then the waste permit holder must be present in the vehicle, with their valid photo ID and/or proof of address.

2.6. If any of the details you have supplied on the application form change you must inform Leicester City Council immediately. Changes to permits can be made at any time at

2.7. If any details on the waste permit (name, address, vehicle registration, or vehicle sign writing) do not match the permit holder or vehicle used, permission to tip will be denied.

2.8. All users of the HWRCs are required to separate out materials for reuse and recycling as required on site.

2.9. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 it is illegal to dispose of commercial or industrial waste at any HWRC. Failure to comply with the law is a criminal offence which may lead to prosecution and a criminal record. The site operator has been instructed not to accept any commercial or industrial waste. This includes, but is not limited to, waste from professional building, plumbing, construction, renovation, decorating, gardening, landscaping, as well as landlord activity (for example, decorating, clearing out or refurnishing properties that you let) and house clearances/tip runs (for example, being paid to transport any kind or quantity of waste for someone else). Business waste must be disposed of at a trade waste facility, such as the Gypsum Close Trade Waste Facility located on the same site as the HWRC (details online).

2.10. Leicester City Council may record details relating to your visit including the type of waste of which you are disposing. Leicester City Council may use these details for the purposes of preventing or detecting crime and taking enforcement action. Leicester City Council will monitor site usage and reserve the right to investigate any suspected breach of permit terms and conditions. Details may be passed on to the relevant enforcement officers and/or third parties in accordance with the Council’s lawful obligations.

2.11. Leicester City Council monitors the site usage of waste permit holders and reserves the right to suspend or withdraw a permit at any time. Applicant details may be shared with the council’s Environmental Crime team, who may fine or prosecute if illegal waste activity is discovered.

2.12. Site staff may ask site users to open bagged waste in order to ascertain what is being disposed of to ensure it is being disposed of correctly and safely, and/or look for evidence of commercial or industrial waste.

2.13. Some DIY materials are restricted. A household will be allowed to dispose of no more than the following in a 12-month period:

2.13.1. Soil, bricks, rubble – six x 25kg bags

2.13.2. Fitted kitchen units – four units

2.13.3. Bathroom suite items – four items

2.13.4. Doors – four items

2.13.5. Windows – four complete units

2.14. Once the allowed quantities of limited DIY wastes listed have been tipped, no more of that material will be accepted within the permit validity period.

2.15. If a one-off tip has been previously granted for a driver, vehicle or household, that driver, vehicle or household will not be allowed to tip again without acquiring a waste permit.

2.16. If a driver, vehicle, or household is associated with a denied or withdrawn waste permit, they will not be allowed to tip.

2.17. From 11th March 2020 paper permits will no longer be valid. Any paper permit holder who applied after 5th August 2019 will be asked to hand in their paper permit. Their permit will continue to be valid until the expiry date and will be processed digitally from 11th March 2020. Any paper permit holder who applied before 5th August 2019 will be able to use their paper permit for one more visit, then the paper permit will be retained by site staff and information will be given on how to reapply for a digital permit.

2.18. Leicester City Council has a policy of zero tolerance to violence, aggression, threatening behaviour or harassment toward staff/contractors or other site users. Any incidents will be recorded and investigated.