Recycling centres

You can recycle a wide range of materials and dispose of your domestic rubbish at our household waste recycling centres, Gypsum Close Recycling Centre and Freemen's Common Recycling Centres.

Further information

Our recycling centres

Gypsum Close Recycling Centre

Location: Gypsum Close, Leicester, LE4 9AB


Freemen's Common Recycling Centre

Location: Islington Street, Freemen's Common, Leicester, LE2 7SQ.


  • Household waste and recycling centre
  • Household asbestos and chemicals disposal.

Opening times

Opening times for both Gypsum Close and Freemen's Common Recycling Centres:

  • April to October: 8am - 8pm
  • November to March: 8am - 6pm

Do I need a permit to tip household waste?

  • You do not need a permit if you are in a car, unless you are using a trailer more than 1.4 metres long. If you are using a van or pickup, you must apply for a permit. You will need to login or create an account in MyAccount in order to apply.

Vans, pickups, and cars with trailers can only use the Gypsum Close Recycling Centre (unless disposing of Asbestos).

If you are using your own vehicle, you may receive a 12 month permit that is valid for a maximum of 12 visits. If you are borrowing or hiring a vehicle, we may issue you with a temporary one month permit which is valid for a maximum of 3 visits.

Please be aware that your permit must be posted to your home address and you should allow at least three working days for it to arrive from when we approve your application.

What can I recycle at both centres?

Other items accepted  
  • Batteries (car)
  • Gas Bottles (must be empty)
  • Batteries (household)
  • Glass
  • Bicycles
  • Garden waste
  • Books
  • Metal
  • Car batteries
  • Used engine oil
  • Cans
  • Paint
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Furniture
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Soil / Hardcore (maximum 6 x 25kg bags per visit)
  • Clothes/shoes
  • Wood (including chipboard and MDF)
  • Cooking oil
  • White goods (fridges etc.)
  • Dry mixed recycling
  • Electrical equipment

Please sort your items before arrival to avoid queuing.


Materials accepted only at Freemen's Common


Only cement bonded asbestos will be accepted and it must be double wrapped in plastic.

A maximum of 8 sheets per visit will be accepted.

Please call 0116 254 3568 before visiting – asbestos can only be accepted if the container has space for it.

Household and garden chemicals

Accepted at Freemen's Common only.

Trade waste

Businesses can use our trade waste facility at Gypsum Close. Find out more about trade waste.

All businesses must arrange for legal disposal of waste materials. This includes waste from house clearances, gardening services, tip run services, and landlord activities. It is against the law to use household collections, recycling banks or household waste recycling centres to dispose of trade waste.

Illegal tipping

If you are found to be leaving commercial waste at the recycling centres, other than at the trade waste facility at Gypsum Close, you may be prosecuted. The unauthorised tipping of waste (fly-tipping) is subject to an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment.

Reuse shop

Gypsum Close recycling centre has a re-use shop on site which is run by LOROS. The shop accepts donations and then sells items which are still in good working order.