Household waste collections

Bins on streets

We provide a recycling and waste collection service to every household in the city of Leicester in partnership with our private contractor Biffa Leicester.

Further information

Not sure when your collection day is?

To find out the collection day for your black wheelie bin and orange recycling bags in your area, please see the link below:

Where and when do I leave my orange bags/black general waste bins?

Your orange bags and black general waste bin should be left kerbside for collection by 7am on collection day. Your bin should be left out no earlier than 7pm the day before collection, and must be back on your property no later than 7am the following day. The bin lid should be closed, and no other bags other than the orange bags should be presented for collection.

What can I not put in my black general waste bin?

We don’t collect hazardous waste. For a list of items you cannot put in your black bin please see our hazardous waste page.

Bins left on the street

Our city wardens have been working with communities to address the issue of bins being left out on residential streets. Residents who do not remove their bins may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80. If there is an accident as a result of your bin being left out on a non-collection day, then you could be liable.

Assisted collection service

If you are unable to put your bin or recycling bags out please contact us to discuss your requirements, as you may be eligible for assistance. 

Religious institutions

Religious institutions may be eligible for free refuse and recycling collections. We determine a religious organisation on the basis that they are a place of worship accessible to all. Contact us to find out more.

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