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Request orange recycling bags

Biffa will deliver orange recycling bags free of charge to households in Leicester. Find out how to request more bags.

How to request more bags on collection day

If you already have a roll of bags, you should find a blue bag inside, towards the end of the roll:

  1. Write your house number on the outside of the blue bag and fill it with recycling
  2. Leave the blue bag out on collection day
  3. We will leave you a new roll of orange bags when we pick up your recycling

Can I request more bags online?

You can request more bags online using My Account.

What if I've requested bags and they haven't arrived?

If you’ve left a blue recycling bag out on collection day and didn’t receive a new roll that day, you can order orange bags online. If you’ve done that and bags have not arrived within three working days, then you will need to submit a complaint form.

Yellow stickers

Yellow stickers are now being phased out.  But don’t worry, if you have older rolls of bags, the stickers can still be used to request more orange bags.

What if I live in a flat?

If you live in an apartment block, halls of residence, or a large house that’s been converted into flats then you may have been provided with communal bins for your recycling. 

Properties with access to a communal recycling bin will not be issued orange bags. Instead, recycling can be placed loose into the bins, or within a transparent carrier bag or transparent bin liner. Do not use black bags in recycling bins, as the collection crew cannot see inside the bags and will not collect them.