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Sorry, we’re carrying out maintenance works to the My Support Needs website and hope to have it back online soon.

Learning disability partnership board

The learning disability partnership board helps to make changes in the city that will make a difference to people with learning disabilities and their family carers.

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Who are the board members?

It is made up of people with learning disabilities and family carers, as well as a range of statutory, independent and voluntary sector agencies, including the police, the NHS and ourselves.

Chairs: Kate Galoppi, director for adult social care and Commissioning, Leicester City Council, and Zoe Goodwin, learning disability local Leader.

Lead member: Councillor Sarah Russell, Deputy City Mayor, social care, health and community safety.

Lead officer: Rizwana Hassan, business change and commissioning manager.

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The board meets every three months. You can request minutes by emailing


The big plan report

Go and view the big plan report page.


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Have any questions?

For any queries about the board, please email