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What we are doing

Our 'big plan' includes things that we think should happen in Leicester to make life better for people with a learning disability.

In 2020, we launched our joint health and social care learning disability strategy 2020–2023 (the big plan).

The strategy has been extended for two years to focus on key areas and we want to make sure we get it right. We have been working with our partners to gather information on all the work we have done, there are areas where we need to do more work to make things better for people.

Our plan says what we will do to make sure people with a learning disability can stay safe, well and happy.

The big plan covers eight main areas:

  1. social care
  2. housing and accommodation
  3. equal healthcare
  4. healthy lifestyles
  5. access and inclusion to leisure, recreation and public transport
  6. work, college and money
  7. moving into adulthood
  8. support for our carers.

Now you can read about all the work we did between 2020 to 2023 to make the big plan happen and the work we are continuing to do over the next two years. 

The Big Plan - What's next: 2024-2026
The strategy has been extended for two-years to focus on short breaks, work, college and money, health and community.
The Big Plan - addendum (2024-2026)
We have extended the Big Plan 2024 to 2026 (Joint Health and Social Care Learning Disability Strategy)
Big Plan for 2020-2023
Find out about work we have been doing this year to make the Big Plan happen.
document of the big plan
Big Plan easy read
We aim to make improvements to our services to make sure they meet your needs.
girl reading easy read
Joint Health and Social Care Learning Disability Strategy 2020-2023
Full version of the Big Plan.