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Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles

Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles aims to improve the oral health of children and adults in Leicester, and reduce tooth decay and associated health issues.

What you need to know about oral health

There are some very simple messages that you can use to help promote good oral health in your setting or at home:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste, once before bed and one other time during the day.
  • Eat less sugary food and drink - find out more at
  • Visit your dentist regularly. Book a visit to the dentist once your child gets their first tooth and regularly.

National Smile Month 2022

National Smile Month is a charity campaign all about championing the benefits of having good oral health and promoting the value of a healthy smile.

Between 16 May and 16 June, the Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles team will be raising awareness of important health issues and ready to put a smile on everybody's face.

During National Smile Month, we are promoting three key messages for better oral health:

  • Brush teeth for two minutes, last thing at night and one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Clean between your teeth every day.
  • Cut down how much and how often you have sugary foods and drinks.
  • Visit a dentist regularly.

cartoon character in a space suit
Download our activity pack for kids to learn and enjoy!
Includes: tips and tricks, fun facts and puzzles.......

How you can support our campaign

  • You can download free resources at the link above to learn about oral health, using our lesson packs or leaflets.
  • On Wednesday 15 June, The Great British Brushathon will connect people from all around the world in one giant communal brushing event.
  • Let the Oral Health Foundation rate your plate and see what changes you could make to improve your oral health.

When posting on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #smilemonth on @LiveWellLeicester Facebook and @LiveWellLeics Twitter.

Wednesday 15 June - The Great British Brushathon

Brushing your teeth is not usually considered a communal event.  It’s done in the privacy of your bathrooms, in the morning and last thing at night. That is until National Smile Month comes around!

On Wednesday 15 June, The Great British Brushathon will connect people from all around the world in one giant communal brushing event.

All you must do is take a selfie whilst brushing your teeth and post it to social media. Alternatively, if you want to get a bit more creative you can film a video of yourself brushing. If you live with any family or friends, get them to join you too. By sharing your brushing selfie (or video) and encouraging others to do the same, you can help promote the value of brushing your teeth and having a healthy smile.

Use the hashtags #GreatBritishBrushathon when posting selfies/videos throughout the day.


Do you know about the 'Brush, book, bed' routine?
Find tools and get tips to help establish good brushing habits and make it a routine.

Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles aims to provide:

  • Free toothbrushes and toothpaste for children in oral health packs. All children in the city will receive five oral health care packs by the time they are five, which contain a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and oral health information.
  • Free baby bottle swaps in all of our children, young people and families centres.
  • Supervised toothbrushing. Many of our early year’s settings (aged 0-5) take part in our free supervised toothbrushing programme where your children will learn how to brush their teeth properly every day.

Top tips to help improve your child’s oral health

There are a number of simple steps you can take:

  • Take your child to see the dentist before they are one and go regularly.
  • Brush your child's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears.
  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Don't rinse after brushing just spit the toothpaste out.
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Ask your dentist about fluoride varnish.
  • Limit sugary drinks and snacks to mealtimes only.

You can also view and download our free oral health resources.

To find out how to access these services, contact our oral health team:

Accredited Healthy Teeth, Happy Smiles dental practices

The following dental practices in Leicester are accredited family-friendly dental practices and have demonstrated their commitment to improving children’s oral health in the city 

Practice name Address Tel number
Moti Smile Design Centre 286 Aylestone Road, LE2 7QT 0116 283 2334
Saffron Lane Dental Practice 591 Saffron Lane, LE2 6UN 0116 283 2612
Willowbrook Dental Practice 339 Humberstone Road, LE5 3DF 0116 262 1151
JDRM Dental Care Limited 10 Nelson St, LE1 7BA 0116 296 1473
JDRM Dental Care Limited 5 Roman St, LE3 0BD 0116 296 1478
Smilecare 72 Beaumont Leys Lane, LE4 2BA 0116 266 1422
Splendental Dental Care 498 Narborough Rd, LE3 2FU 0116 289 1078
Smile Dental Practitioners 222 Uppingham Road, LE5 0QG 0116 246 0795
Parkview Dental Practice 138 Victoria Park Rd, LE2 1XD 0116 270 1116
The Whitehouse Dental 36 East Park Road, LE5 5HH 0116 273 0456
Gohills Dental Practice 194 East Park Rd, LE5 5FD 0116 273 8710
Practices working towards their accreditation Address Tel number
Winchester Avenue Dental Surgery 34 Winchester Avenue, LE3 1AU 0116 291 0055