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Getting active

Exercising and being more active has benefits for both your physical and mental health. It can help reduce your risk of serious illness and can also boost self-esteem and reduce stress.

In Leicester 58% Leicester residents participate in the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week with men being more active than women.

The benefits of being more active are huge. regular exercise can help reduce the risk of serious illness such as cancer and heart disease. It can help maintain a healthy weight and can also help those with mental health issues.

It is recommended that adults aim to get 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week – this can include gardening, going to the gym, running, walking or cycling. Anything that raises your heart rate and gets you a little out of breath.

How to get active

Getting people more active is a key public health priority.

Leicester has many opportunities for people to get active, Active Leicester has seven leisure centres across the city, we have over 30 outdoor gyms and a vast walking and cycling network. Leicester also has 130 parks for people with sports facilities on many.

Beat the Street

Starting in May and running for 6 weeks Beat the Street is a fun community-based game where players gather points as they walk, cycle or roll across the area, hovering their card or fob at contactless sensors called Beat Boxes which are mounted on lampposts across the area. Played outdoors in the community, it's the perfect way to get children, individuals and families back into action, off screens, out of the house, having fun and exercising. Anyone can join in! You can play for your school, join a community team or play for one of our charity teams. There are great prizes up for grabs.

Children will have receive the materials they need to play through their school, along with a card for a parent/carer. Additional cards for members of the community will be available in local distribution points across the area from 20 May.

To play, sign up an account online and connect your card or fob to your account. Find out how to play online and sign up at