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Delays in planning services

We are experiencing high numbers of planning applications and requests for pre-application advice and currently have limited staffing resources. We apologise for any delays in responses to emails and calls. Find out more, including what measures we have in place to overcome these challenges.


Our conservation staff offer expert input into the planning of new development and advice on the built environment, natural environment and archaeology.

We are responsible for Leicester's 25 conservation areas and more than 400 listed buildings, and we provide archaeological advice relating to development proposals.

We carry out a wide range of landscape and nature conservation projects and offer advice on proposals which affect biodiversity and wildlife.

We also advise on proposals for works to trees in conservation areas and other protected trees. We will investigate unauthorised works to such trees and we prepare and monitor tree preservation orders.

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We prefer enquiries to be emailed where possible.

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Write to us: Planning, Leicester City Council, City Hall, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ.