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Local land charges

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When you purchase a piece of land, a local land search will be submitted, highlighting any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

Request a local authority search

Our job is to explore any restrictions, and process a local authority search.

You can submit a search online via the quick link above.


  • Check that the property is within our boundaries by locating it on our web mapping system (linked above).
  • Please read 'Notes on completing a search application form' available at the bottom of this page, before completing either of the 'Land charges - LLC1 and CON29' forms, also attached at the bottom of this page. They are combined and shortened versions of the LLC1 and CON29 forms.
  • Submit your application and accompanying cheque, please ensure the cheque is made payable to Leicester City Council. Post it to Local Land Charges, Leicester City Council, 4th Floor, Rutland Wing, City Hall, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ.
  • The Local Authority Search will be carried out and a certificate (LLC1) signed and dated by the authority will be returned (via email where possible), together with replies to all the enquiries in part 1 (Con 29R).

Fees as of 1 April 2022

Search type Fee
Basic search Residential: £111
Commercial: £156
LLC (basic search) £15
CON29R (basic search) Residential: £96 (inc. £16 VAT)
Commercial: £141 (inc. £23.50 VAT)
Fee per extra parcel of land £19
LLC1 (additional fee) £1
CON29R (additional fee) £18 (inc. £3 VAT)
Additional questions
CON290 questions 4 - 22 £18 (inc. £3 VAT)
Enquirers own question £18 (inc. £3 VAT)

Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) allow for inspection of environmental information held by the council and other public bodies.

EIR request information

View list of information and data to determine what the CON29 response may be

Requesting documents

When you receive the results of the local land charges search it may list documents which are registered against the property or land. Some documents such as Planning Permissions and Section 106 agreements can be viewed on our planning portal. To request other documents revealed on your search report please email and we'll let you know whether we're able to provide you with a copy. A copy of a document is £25.

Need help completing a search application form?


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