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Home education

Although most children are educated in a school, some parents choose alternative education for their children.

Who should I notify?

If your child has never attended school, there is no requirement to register with us.

If your child is currently attending school, you must write to the head teacher advising them that your child is being withdrawn for home education and that you want their name removed from the register.

If your child has a statement of educational need and is attending a special school, the school needs our permission to remove the child’s name from the register. Contact us for more information.

Our commitment

If your child has previously attended school we will seek to establish that a suitable education is being provided.

We will contact the parent to discuss the education they are offering to the child/children, and we can signpost services and other home educating families.

If the provision is either absent or unsatisfactory, the case is closed and the parent will be helped to apply for a school place. If issues cannot be resolved the parent may be required to return their child to a school or place them on a school roll for the first time.

Elective Home Education Network meetings are held 3 times a year in the week before half term in different libraries around the City.

Your responsibilities

Home education is a big commitment for a parent. You’ll need to invest time and money and ensure your child stays motivated. There is no financial support from us and all costs will be your responsibility.

If you choose to educate your child at home and your child was previously enrolled at school your child will be removed from the register. If you change your mind after that time you will have to re-apply for a school place and places at the same school may not always be available.

The school will no longer play any part in your child’s education.

Where a syllabus includes coursework parents may need to hire a qualified tutor to mark and authenticate any work that needs to be submitted to the examination board for moderation.   

Other information

Health information for home educating families

Other support for children, young people and families

If you are a child or young person and you would like to speak to someone about your education, please call 0116 454 5510 and ask for an Education Welfare Officer, or to speak to the Home Education Advisor. Or you can send us an email to