Walk to school projects

We are working alongside Living Streets, the charity for everyday walking, offering free support and resources to encourage walking to school.

Further information

Why do we need to encourage walking to school?

Under half of UK primary school children (47 per cent) and under half of UK secondary school students (40 per cent) now walk to school, while the number of children being driven to school has doubled in the last 20 years.

Children who are overweight or obese can suffer from serious health problems in later life. Walking to school provides regular exercise to help children and young people to stay fit and healthy and makes them more alert and ready to learn.

In addition, the impact of the school journey can be reduced through fewer car trips, leading to less local congestion and pollution, safer streets around the school and better relations with local residents.

What is available for primary schools?

The year-round walk to school challenge called WOW encourages children and families to walk all or part of the way to school at least once a week. At the end of each month, children who achieve this will receive a collectable pin badge. The scheme asks families that do drive to park away from the school gates and finish their journey on foot.


What is available for secondary schools?

‘Free Your Feet’ is a week-long initiative to make students think about how they travel and increase their awareness of the benefits of walking, even if combined with a car or bus journey. Students are challenged to record how many minutes they walk in a week. A £50 shopping voucher is given away in a prize draw with participating students.


Student-led walking campaign

Living Streets can also facilitate a student-led campaign to promote walking to their peers. It's entirely up to the students' creativity to what type of campaign they create - but we have some ideas if they need them. A budget of £180 will be available for any campaign related costs.

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