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Burials are often chosen for religious or cultural reasons or due to the wish of the deceased or family.

New graves are available at Gilroes Cemetery and Saffron Hill Cemetery.

Unfortunately there are no new graves at Belgrave Cemetery or Welford Road Cemetery, although burials may still take place in family graves where space allows.

Why are graves dug so deep?

Graves have to be dug to a sufficient depth to meet legal requirements and to allow for further burials. Land for burials is a finite resource and in order to improve the sustainability of our cemeteries we will dig all graves for a minimum of two burials. Graves may be dug for three or four burials on request but this can not be guaranteed due to ground conditions.

Are graves filled in straight after a funeral or are they left to the next day?

The Institute for Cemetery and Crematorium Management Guiding Principles for burial services states that immediately after the mourners have departed the graveside, the grave shall be entirely backfilled and made tidy. This work is completed on the day of the burial and coffins are never left uncovered overnight.

I understand that some people wait while the grave is filled in. Why is this?

Some cultures require that the grave is filled in while the family watch or they may wish to undertake the backfilling of the grave themselves. When families want this it is essential that the cemetery is made aware of the requirements when the burial is first arranged. This will ensure that the family's wishes are met and that their safety is protected during the backfilling process.

Can anyone witness the grave being filled?

Yes, but the cemetery will need to be advised of this before the funeral takes place so that they are prepared.

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