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Domestic abuse helpline

The helpline is currently experiencing busy times. Weekday evenings until 8pm are less busy. If you can't get through, please leave a message to be called back.

Awareness campaigns

We have pledged to tackle domestic and sexual violence in Leicester, working alongside Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire.

Domestic abuse male victims campaign

This campaign is to raise awareness that men can experience domestic abuse, and of the barriers that might be stopping them getting support or reporting it. We need men to know that there are specialist services and options available for them.

This poster and digital campaign is designed to reach men in the places they go to, such as barbers, sports clubs, gyms.

What the campaign says

The campaign features visuals that say ‘men experience domestic abuse’. Many people do not immediately associate domestic abuse with men being hurt, and that can be the first barrier for someone who might need help. 

Posters say 'Using fear to silence you when you are hurt is abuse' because men of all ages and from all communities can experience coercion and abuse in a straight or gay relationship, or from a family member. Men and women can have their sexual orientation used against them by the abuser(s).

Our campaign imagery also asks you to think whether someone ‘under the thumb’ is really experiencing ‘coercive control’, which can be serious and is not a joking matter. The call-to-action is ‘don’t dismiss it’. This is a message to everyone.

What we want people to do

Please look out for the campaign on social media #DontDismissIt and talk about the campaign with others.

Follow us on Twitter, share our posts and find out about events, training and services in Leicester @_howmany times.

We would like more people to get the simple free training they need to become Community Champions within their own communities. Call the local helpline 0808 80 200 28 to book your place on next half day's training.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or you are concerned that a friend, family member or colleague, male or female, may be experiencing domestic abuse, call the free confidential helpline on 0808 80 200 28.

Local specialist services will give information and let people discuss options, with everyone's safety at the centre of the discussion.

You are not alone

A campaign called ‘You are not alone’ launched in September 2021 across Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland. It is primarily a radio campaign which aims to encourage more reporting by women of Asian British Indian heritage of domestic violence and abuse, including sexual violence and abuse within a relationship.

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How many times? 

We use the phrase ‘How many times?’ because we know domestic abuse effects so many people, leading in some tragic circumstances to life-long harm and even deaths.

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