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Awareness campaigns

We have pledged to tackle domestic and sexual violence in Leicester, working alongside Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire.

You are not alone

A campaign called ‘You are not alone’ launched in September 2021 across Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland. It is primarily a radio campaign which aims to encourage more reporting by women of Asian British Indian heritage of domestic violence and abuse, including sexual violence and abuse within a relationship.

Aims of the campaign

Our research on the populations of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland tells us that Asian British Indian women are one of the ‘under-reporting’ groups of people who are not accessing services in the numbers we would expect, so we are finding ways to engage these groups better.

We worked with Zinthiya Trust to hone a positive message that you are not alone in your situation because UAVA (United Against Violence & Abuse) is here to give support in your own language.

Our radio and poster campaign uses the perspectives of women of all ages who have been helped by UAVA. We have used real quotes given to us in feedback, and the radio adverts air conversations women will recognise.

Audiences we want to reach

The campaign is designed to reach isolated women in the places where they go, on the radio stations they listen to and through people they know and trust.

We are asking respected community networkers and organisations to help us spread the word that if you are being hurt in your relationship, UAVA the local service can support you in your own language.

What we want people to do

The call to action is: You are not alone. If you are being hurt in a relationship call UAVA today for information or support in your own language.

Local specialist services will give information and let people discuss options, with everyone's safety at the centre of the discussion.

We would like more people to get the simple training they need to become Community Champions within their own communities.

Contact the Jenkins Centre for details of the next half day Community Champions training.

What’s next for ‘You are not alone'?

We are currently developing additional materials to bring these important messages to even more people, and to encourage Community Champions to be alert and aware of those they may be able to help through listening and signposting to UAVA.

Our aim is to reduce the barriers that people often face when thinking of the options available to them. A barrier to getting help is shame, and many who have been a victim of domestic or sexual abuse feel shame acutely. One group member, talking about the community response to these issues commented ‘What’s shameful is your silence’.

Share the campaign

The campaign can be heard on community radio stations and seen on Twitter @_HowmanyTimes. Please join in with the campaign by sharing it on social media with the hashtags #YouAreNotAlone and #ThisIsAbuse or by asking organisations you know to display the materials.

To use the campaign materials, or for more information about the campaign please contact us.

How many times? 

We use the phrase ‘How many times?’ because we know domestic abuse effects so many people, leading in some tragic circumstances to life-long harm and even deaths.

Follow us on Twitter, share our posts and find out about events, training and services in Leicester @_howmany times.

When is it time to act? campaign

'When is it time to act?' is a campaign to help people to think about the things friends say in conversation which might be early warning signs that a relationship is becoming abusive. The design replicates the look and style of phone chats in a series of animations and posters in bright colours. The message of the campaign is that UAVA is there for information and support so you can help friends or family you have concerns about.

Wrong campaign 

Our ‘Wrong’ campaign is a series of posters, social media resources and digital adverts to raise awareness of the UAVA service.

Abuse is always wrong, whatever the circumstances.

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