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Pregnancy and maternity

Pregnancy is no protection against domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is thought to affect more than 43,000 women in Leicester. Some reports indicate that for many, domestic abuse starts or escalates in pregnancy.

Get help today

If you are pregnant, or a new mum, and you are worried about domestic abuse, or you are a father-to-be or new father and you are worried about your behaviour towards your partner, there are specialist services to help you.

Local helpline: 0808 80 200 28

Text support: 07715 994 962 (text only, calls are not answered)‚Äč

Reducing harm, preventing harm

We are worried that not enough pregnant women are currently accessing specialist support in Leicester. There is always a risk of domestic abuse remaining hidden and people suffering in silence, doubting their experience, feeling hopeless, to blame or alone. We are committed to reducing the harm of domestic abuse with preventative work and early intervention.

Why domestic abuse in pregnancy is an issue

We know from studies that domestic abuse can have a lasting harmful effect on both pregnant women and unborn children. The 2021 Domestic Abuse Act specifically highlighted the experience of children as victims of domestic abuse. Fathers-to-be might have had their own experience of abuse as children, and dread it repeating.

Getting support does help

The majority of adults and young people who have used the local specialist services tell us that the support they had while pregnant, or as a new parent, had a positive impact on their confidence, health and wellbeing, and they feel more safe.

Resources for practitioners

By working with partners to develop resources we hope:

  • More conversations take place about the risk of domestic abuse during pregnancy
  • More pregnant women and new mums who are affected by domestic abuse, talk to a professional about it
  • More fathers-to-be who have any worries about their behaviour towards their partner, talk to a professional about it
  • The local response to those in need improves, organisations review their own practice, and systems improve.

Pick up a pregnancy and maternity campaign toolkit and campaign assets below.