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Services for children and young people

If you live in Leicester city and you are worried about a child or a young person having experienced domestic or sexual abuse, there are services that can help.

How we can help

We provide services in Leicester to help support, rebuild and strengthen families. Our Early Help services include children’s centres, youth services, family support and group programmes on a range of subjects, for example parenting, early years development and domestic abuse.

How local support services can help​

Local domestic abuse services have specialist workers to help any child or young person in Leicester who has been affected by domestic abuse, and their parent or caregiver. If you are a young person over 13 and you have experienced abuse in your family, or from a partner, you can contact the helpline yourself.

  • Local helpline: 0808 80 200 28 (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, weekends and bank holidays 10am to 4pm). Calls are free and will not show up on your bill.
  • Text support (text only, calls are not answered)​: 07715 994 962
  • Visit: Freeva website​

If you are worried about your child having experienced domestic abuse, the services we fund can:​​​​

  • Work with you and your child to identify, manage and repair the effects of abuse
  • Offer respite activities where you and your children spend time with others doing fun activities
  • Have separate support workers for you and your children, so you can both get the support and help you need
  • Help support your child through court processes, if that is needed
  • Help you access specialist individual or group support if you have noticed you are using abusive behaviour and want to change
  • Offer options for children and young people who have started to use abusive behaviour following domestic abuse
  • Help you improve your safety at home
  • Offer non-judgemental support and a listening ear
  • Come out to a school, children's centre or neighbourhood centre near you to offer a drop-in community clinic or healthy relationships session.

Tell us your views

​​Tell us about any of the local services you have used, so we can continue improving the help we offer.

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