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Ending a tenancy

To end your tenancy you will need to fill in a notice to quit form. You will need to give a minimum of four weeks’ notice, with your tenancy ending on a Sunday.

You must also provide us with a forwarding address and the reasons for the termination. You can download the notice to quit form at the bottom of this page. We will acknowledge your request in writing.

Where there is a joint tenancy agreement, a notice to quit by one tenant will end the tenancy of all joint tenants.

The same process applies if you are a HomeCome tenant.

Frequently asked questions

If any one party of a joint tenancy terminates their part, then the whole tenancy ends.

Although each case is different, and individual circumstances vary, you may not be given help as a homeless person because you gave up your home by choice.

If you are considering giving up your tenancy because of harassment or anti-social behaviour, please contact us on 0116 454 1007.

Things to consider before terminating your tenancy

You will need to return the keys of your property to the neighbourhood housing office by 10am on the day your tenancy ends.

Before returning the keys, please consider the following points:

  • You must remove all of your possessions from both inside and outside of the property before handing in the keys
  • All fixtures and fittings should be left clean, in good working order and in good condition
  • Any costs incurred cleaning the property, or removing items left both inside and outside the property, may be charged to the outgoing tenant
  • ‘Vacant possession’ should be given. This means that no other person should be left in the property after you leave. If you do leave someone in the property, you will be liable for all associated costs until we have vacant possession.

Ending a tenancy for someone else

If you need to terminate a tenancy for someone who has died, you need to complete a notice to quit and return it to us. We will also need to see a copy of the death certificate. Only the next of kin or an executor can end a tenancy in these circumstances.

We will accept a shorter period of termination notice when ending the tenancy of a deceased tenant. The minimum requirement is one week, but we can be flexible on this.

Rent will continue to be charged until the keys are handed in to us, but any rent due will only be charged to the estate and not the next of kin.

Benefits end on the Monday immediately after the tenant's death, and full rent is then due.