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Home insurance

We insure all of our properties, and we will claim on our insurance in the event of repairs needing to be carried out due to fire or other damage to the building.

Content insurance

We do not insure your contents, so we strongly recommend you take out content insurance to cover the cost of any damage or loss to your personal property and belongings.

Content insurance is available from a variety of different insurance companies. While we cannot recommend a particular company or organisation, we can offer advice and guidance. You can call us on 0116 454 1007 for more information.

Claims against damages

You can make an insurance claim against us for damages caused by our staff to your possessions, to you or a member of your family.

For example, if one of our tradesmen hammers a nail into a wall and bursts a water pipe which causes flooding, we will be responsible for the cost of replacing any carpets that are ruined.

However, there are a variety of cases where we may not be negligent, for example, where a storm damages roof tiles, and leads to water damage inside the property.

For more information on whether you could make an insurance claim against us, call us on the number below.

Make a claim

To make a home insurance claim, please complete a public liability claim form (available below), and email [email protected].

Contact us

0116 454 5210