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Bringing people together

Our community centres, libraries and Leicester Adult Education are running a series of free events and activities designed to boost your social wellbeing. Taking part in activities with other people can help you achieve better mental and physical health.

There are five programmes that you can get involved in:

  • meet others around an activity table, whilst on a led walk or during light gardening
  • explore options for volunteering on any activities in the community buildings

  • many food growing courses, workshops and events across the city
  • enjoy the benefits of learning something new whilst being out in the fresh air
  • make the most of opportunities to volunteer in community areas

  • free practical sessions to help people manage the increased cost of living
  • find out more about; keeping your home warm, shop, cook and eat well and sew to save
  • join up for the tutor led, two-hour sessions at community buildings across the city

  • find out how to use NHS online services and order medication
  • find social activities near you
  • explore how to socialise online (eg using social media)

  • Free activity sessions in your local community centre
  • Sessions are low intensity and suitable people over the age of 18 and all abilities.

What workshops can I get involved with?

During October and November, we will be running workshops looking at practical ways to manage increased cost of living. These workshops are aimed to develop practical skills to help cope with some of the rising costs.

Workshops are suitable for adults with no previous knowledge, as the tutor will start with the basics. All resources will be provided on the day. 

1. Keep warm in the home

At the end of the workshop, you will have made a draught excluder to take home, together with a template and some material if you wish to make more.

You will learn:

  • how to make a draught excluder
  • basic sewing stitches
  • how to attach two pieces of fabric together (by hand or machine)
  • how to be creative using different fabrics to insulate your home

2. Sew to save

Gain basic sewing skills to make small repairs to clothes so that they can last for longer. A small sewing kit will be provided for you to take home

You will learn:

  • basic hand sewing skills (running stitch, back stitch)
  • how to sew a button onto fabric
  • how to patch a garment
  • how to hem a garment

3. Shop, cook and eat smart

Get ideas and methods to consider when buying and cooking food for the family on a budget.

You will learn how to:

  • shop effectively on a budget
  • find healthy, low-cost recipe ideas
  • work out the running costs of domestic appliances
  • identify the most cost-efficient methods of cooking

4. Let's get active sessions

Take part and get involved with various active sessions.

What to expect

The sessions will be led by a qualified tutor and all materials will be provided. Refreshments will also be provided at the break. There will be an opportunity to chat with other participants about further ways to reduce the cost of living. 

Please arrive five minutes early so the session can start promptly. 

At the end of each session, we will ask for brief feedback on your experience. We can also let you know about other workshops or activities that are happening and advise on how to book these.

Where are workshops being held?

View timetable of events

You will need to register your interest in person at your local library and community centre or Adult Education College or by giving them a ring.