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Proxy voting

If you would like to appoint someone you trust to go to your polling station and vote on your behalf, you can apply for a proxy vote.

You can apply for a temporary proxy vote for a specific election, or a permanent or long-term vote on health, employment or educational grounds.

Anyone can be your proxy as long as they are eligible to vote in UK elections. You cannot be a proxy for more than two people at any one election, unless they are a close relative.

How do I register to vote by proxy?

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2023. You will need to send your application to us by this deadline to vote in the 4 May 2023 elections. 

  1. Fill in the application form found below. 
  2. Send your completed application form to: Electoral Services, Leicester City Council, City Hall, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ.

Or send your application as a scanned image by email to

If you have a medical emergency, which occurred after 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2023, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote by calling us on 0116 454 2010.

Download the proxy application form

Use this form to apply for a proxy vote for a specific election. This could be because you're on holiday or away for work for an upcoming polling day.

A permanent or long-term proxy vote

Use one of these forms if you won't be able to go to the polling station for the foreseeable future, or a long period of time.

The form you need to complete depends on the reason why you need a proxy vote: