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Transforming Cities Fund Projects

Forthcoming Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) projects which are currently being developed.

  • New city centre electric bus service linking all transport, retail, employment, educational and hospital hubs to provide quick and easy access

  • Improved frequency and electrification of two park and ride bus services to provide car drivers a real alternative choice to driving into the city
  • Bus priority measures delivering improved frequency for the Enderby Park and Ride service (and other commercial services) reducing the current journey time for users.
  • A new park and ride service/interchange at Beaumont Leys District Shopping Centre, supporting existing commercial routes into the city centre to provide more travel choice
  • New electric park and ride service from Beaumont Leys to Glenfield Hospital providing easy access to the hospital

  • Breaching the Central Ring Road and delivering connectivity to corridors in North, South and West of the City Centre
  • Bus demonstration corridors and priority measures in North West/South West sectors of city boosting speed and reliability.
  • High quality cycling and walking infrastructure in North West/South West sectors of city.
  • A neighbourhood cycling and walking scheme in Beaumont Leys to deliver neighbourhood level enhanced connectivity and transport integration.

  • Smart ticketing via contactless bank cards and mobile phones integrating all bus operator systems
  • Real time information at all main bus stops and improved waiting facilities on priority bus corridors
  • Improved waiting facilities at bus stops



Below are details of the project we propose to deliver as part of the TCF programme.  If you wish to comment on any of the projects before the deadline shown in the text for each project, please email

Abbey Park Road

We will be introducing a major revamp of Leicester’s Abbey Park Road as part of our citywide programme of investment in sustainable transport, backed by £40million from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund.

Improvements include a new bike-friendly footbridge across the River Soar, an e-bike docking station, new bus lanes on both sides of Abbey Park Road, two additional pedestrian road crossings and improved footpaths to create a safer and more attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists.

The centrepiece of the scheme will be a new 3.5metre wide footbridge which will run parallel to the existing road bridge across the River Soar, helping to ensure that there is enough space for all road users to use the busy route safely.

Extensive maintenance work will also be carried out to the two existing road bridges which cross the river and canal.

New camera-enforced bus lanes running in both directions will give more priority to public transport in a bid to improve journey times and encourage more people to use the bus. Although general traffic will be reduced to one lane in either direction, the scheme has been designed to ensure that traffic capacity will be maintained, avoiding additional delays and congestion.

A small area of car parking immediately in front of the main gates into Abbey Park will be removed, and the area revamped to create a more welcoming approach into the park.

Initial works on Abbey Park Road are due to begin in September 2021 and the scheme is expected to take up to 18 months to complete. Extensive maintenance work on the existing road bridge is scheduled to start from spring 2022 and will require an extended road closure. More details will be publicised nearer the time.

Details of the road closure and subsequent diversions will be confirmed nearer to the date of closure and will be shown here. During the works, disruption will be kept to a minimum and access will be maintained to all properties.

If you have any questions or comments regarding any element of the scheme, please get in touch on the email above by Friday 24 September 2021.

A6 Corridor Improvements

Extensive improvements are due to be made to the busy junction of the A6 Abbey Lane, Abbey Park Road and Blackbird Road, and also at the nearby junction with Exploration Drive.

Both junctions are proposed to be remodelled as part of a wider programme of works to give greater priority to buses and encourage more people to use public transport.

Currently, the single lane right turn from Abbey Park Road onto Abbey Lane is a pinch point for buses and is often congested at peak times causing delays for all traffic. The city council is proposing to reconfigure the junction to allow traffic to turn right onto Abbey Lane from two of the three lanes at the junction of Abbey Park Road.

This will involve remodelling the existing splitter islands and major realigning of the junction. At the same time the existing traffic signals upgraded and pedestrian crossings improved.

Works will also be carried out to address delays at the junction of Abbey Lane and Exploration Drive and to improve access to Pioneer Park. A longer right turn lane will be created for outbound traffic turning right into Exploration Drive from Abbey Lane. This will run from the junction of Byford Way to Exploration Drive.

Existing pedestrian crossings in the immediate area will also be upgraded as part of the improvement scheme.

Work is due to begin in October 2021 and will take around six months to complete. Some road closures and lane restrictions will be required but this will be introduced on a phased basis to minimise disruption. More details will be publicised nearer the time.

The junction works will be co-ordinated with a major improvement scheme due to get underway on Abbey Park Road from September 2020. A linked highway improvement scheme is also being developed for the rest of the A6 including St Margaret’s Way and the section between Exploration Drive and Red Hill Circle.

Please find the plans below for the proposed junction improvements on the A6:

If you have any questions or comments regarding any element of the scheme, please get in touch on the email above by Friday 24 September 2021.

Melton Road improvements

We are now planning to make improvements to the A607 Melton Road between Sandringham Avenue and Troon Way. A plan showing the improvements on the A607 Introduction of new outbound bus lane between Sandringham Avenue and Troon Way.

  • Extend the existing inbound bus lane to cover the length between Troon Way to Glencoe Avenue.
  • Alterations to the toucan crossings at the A607 Melton Road/Lanesborough Road roundabout.
  • Introduction of bus lane camera enforcement.

We will also be undertaking the following as part of the works on the A607 Melton Road.

  • The reduction in the number of lanes for general traffic supports the need for a reduced speed limit on the A607 Melton Road between the city/county boundary and the existing 30mph speed limit. The reduced speeds will help make the area feel less car dominated and benefit more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.
  • The installation of a LED Variable Message Sign on the inbound side of the A607 Melton Road at the Humberstone Lane junction.
  • General maintenance work to the A607 Melton Road between Lanesborough Road and Troon Way to repair any surface defects and refresh signing and lining.
  • Introduction of new bus stops comprising real time bus information.
  • Maintenance items on the A607 Melton Road (between Sandringham Avenue and Troon Way).

The improvements are planned to commence on a phased basis this autumn and we aim to have the work complete by the Spring 2022.

Anstey Lane/Buckminster Road improvements

We were recently awarded funds from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund to deliver a series of pedestrian, cycling and public transport improvements in the north west and south west of the city. The package of work will focus on major sustainable transport improvements to provide attractive choices for people to access places work, education and other facilities whilst supporting the city’s growth and delivering on the council’s climate emergency, air quality and healthy living commitments. As part of this programme, transport improvement works are planned for Anstey Lane and Buckminster Road:

Anstey Lane

This scheme will include:

  • A new bus lane on Anstey Lane between Buckminster Road and Blackbird Road to improve journey times
  • A new shared 3m cycleway on the south footway between Buckminster Road and Avebury Avenue (meets with existing shared cycleway on the footway in front of English Martyrs School).
  • A new shared 3m cycleway/footway on Anstey Lane between Great Meadow Road and Darenth Drive (meets with existing cycle facilities on the footway up to Krefeld Way).
  • Raised tables at side roads and a new pedestrian crossing to create a safer route.
  • The removal of three trees will be required to enable these improvement works. We will replant six trees nearby in a more suitable location.

Buckminster Road

We will be introducing an experimental closure of Buckminster Road between Brading Road and Anstey Lane to prevent the road from being used as a ‘rat run’, and to create a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as providing a quieter and more attractive area for residents. Access for pedestrians and cyclists will remain unchanged.

There will the opportunity for people to comment during the first six months of the experiment, after which the scheme will be reviewed. The council would only consider adopting a permanent scheme following consideration of comments received during the experimental scheme together with analysis of any relevant survey information gathered. To have your say on the experimental Traffic Regulation Order process, look out for notices in the local area and in local media.

Plans, programme, traffic management and diversions

The proposed plans for the works can be seen above.

The improvements are planned to commence on a phased basis from June 2021 for approximately six months.

Please see below for diagrammatic plan of proposed phasing and closures.

Please note that some bus routes will be affected by the works as follows:

First Bus Service 74
  • Inbound will be via Avebury Avenue/Somerset Avenue/Parker Drive/Blackbird Road/Ravensbridge Drive for Phase 1 inbound.
  • Outbound route as normal. Some stops may be re-positioned.
Centrebus Service 154
  • Inbound will be via Somerset Avenue/Parker Drive/Blackbird Road/Ravensbridge Drive for Phase 1.
  • Outbound route as normal. Some stops will be re-positioned.

You can see the letter of notification issued to residents and businesses, including contact details for the Contractor and Project Manager, below:

Connecting Leicester Neighbourhoods – Beaumont Leys

We are going to upgrade Beaumont Walk and Lismore Walk to ensure these routes are well-connected, accessible and safe for pedestrians and cyclists. The existing path will be widened and resurfaced. Street lighting and signage will also be renewed, where required.

Works will be carried out in phases to minimise disruption, but this means that sections of the path will be closed. Appropriate diversion routes for cyclists and pedestrians will be in place. The first phase of works between Beaumont Leys Lane and Calder Road have been completed. Works will now continue along the next section of the route from Calder Road to Bishopdale Road.

Works have also commenced to remove the Lismore Walk underpass beneath Strasbourg Drive. The underpass will be filled in and the area will be re-landscaped to create new shared footpaths and cycle routes to the north and south of Strasbourg Drive. A new parallel zebra crossing will also be installed. The works are expected to take 4 months to complete.

The scheme is part funded by the Department for Transport Transforming Cities Fund.