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Club premises certificates

A club premises certificate is required for the supply of alcohol, and the provision of regulated entertainment.

Qualifying clubs may apply for a club premises certificate instead of a premises licence.

What are the benefits of a club premises certificate?

This offers several benefits, including not having to nominate a designated premises supervisor or have a personal licence holder for the sale or supply of alcohol. Details of the criteria for qualifying clubs are set out in the club declaration form, which is attached below.

Can I have a premises licence too?

There is nothing to stop a club having a premises licence instead of, or as well as, a club premises certificate. The advantage of having a premises licence is that members of the public may be admitted to take part in licensable activities, instead of just members and guests. An annual fee is payable for both types of licence. There may be disadvantages to opting for a premises licence instead of a club premises certificate, and we recommend that applicants seek independent advice.

Applicants are strongly advised to consult our document - Guidance on completing an operating schedule, which is attached below; before completing the application form.